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Mar 8, 2018


Arteriors and Designer Jeff Trotter Brings Paris to LA @ Legends 2017

Window design at Arteriors Los Angeles Showroom for this year’s LCDQ Legends 2017 event “Your True Colors” by Jeff Trotter

Arteriors had to pick designer Jeff Trotter’s brain to learn more about the inspiration for his stunning window design at Arteriors Los Angeles Showroom for this year’s LCDQ Legends 2017 event “Your True Colors”…

Can you speak more to the theme of “Parisian Modern Meets California Cool”?

The name of my window is Surfing the Seine. I’ve always loved Paris, and I’m often inspired by the city’s old word architecture and it’s refined attention to interior detail. Those spaces are even more compelling to me when a juxtaposition between architectural opulence and restrained, tailored, interior furnishings exist.

That quintessentially French architectural aesthetic isn’t typically found in Southern California where I was born and raised. I spent much of my time on the beaches of Malibu and in the Santa Monica mountains surfing and horseback riding as a kid, so in creating this space, I wanted to marry my love of all things LA with an old-world Parisian twist.

What specific Parisian and California elements are you looking to capture, and how are you managing the merging of these themes?

There are a few examples;

  • The leather fringed pillow and hair on hide stool are a true nod to Hollywood Rock & Roll Glam.
  • The marble and geometric print surfboards are an elevated connection to my life on the beaches in LA. The equestrian photographs I’ve layered throughout the space are a nod to my love of horseback riding.
  • I used a multitude of textures to create warmth in the space by mixing seagrass, marble, velvet, hair of hide, leather, wood and brass.
  • All of these pieces live in an architectural space that’s reminiscent of an opulently paneled, sophisticated, and overtly formal Parisian pied-à-terre. Learn more about Jeff and his work

What Arteriors products are you planning to incorporate? Why?

Turner sofa – In just about every space I create, you can find something grey. My “something grey” is the sumptuous grey velvet on the sofa. The almost amoeba like shape aligns itself perfectly with that Parisian Modern aesthetic; it’s sleek and sexy, yet somehow still relaxed and inviting.

Helman Sconce – I love the way the light filters thru the perforations in the brass sconces, and the way their fluid shape juxtaposes the distinctly traditional paneled wall I created for the space.