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Cast Some Light on Your Kitchen!

Tips and trends for illuminating the busiest room in the house

For most people, the kitchen is the social center and true heart of the home where families and friends come together. This space should feel warm and inviting, and lighting is a great way to create a welcoming atmosphere while adding value to your space.

Design a Plan

With the kitchen being such an integral part of the home, the design and layout of your lighting scheme should not be an afterthought. Make a plan according to your space and execute your kitchen makeover with brilliant décor and task lighting that will give the room the bright, lively and functional feel that it needs.

Task Lighting is concentrated light that helps you accomplish a specific task such as cooking on the stove or cleaning dishes in the sink. This important lighting should be planned in advance for the best results. The easiest and least expensive type of task lighting is under-cabinet lighting. Affordable, low voltage xenon bulbs are great for lighting counters and islands below kitchen shelves and cabinets. The transitional style Kichler Energy Smart Light Bar is an excellent example sure to complement any kitchen.

When choosing new light fixtures, consider what style will work best in your space. It’s fine to add a pop of color as a focal point in the kitchen, but remember the finish and style should be consistent with your kitchen’s theme.

The key to the perfect kitchen plan is having plenty of task lighting as well as a good mix of ambient and decorative lighting to illuminate your work spaces. The most common mistake made in kitchen lighting designs is trying to use one fixture to light the entire room. This can visually overpower or cast shadows over everything.

Select Your Style

Make the most of your kitchen with lighting developed for peak performance. Trend setting designs give your space a distinctive style that makes your family and guests feel at home.

The three types of lighting commonly used in the kitchen are incandescent lamps, fluorescent light and Light-Emitting Diodes (LED). Incandescent lamps are common light sources used in the kitchen because they provide a warm glow. Fluorescent lights have high efficacy rates and provide even lighting. LEDs are becoming the most popular choice for kitchen illumination because LEDs are durable, last longer and use less energy.

For ambient lighting, you can never go wrong with ceiling lights and track lights. Track lights like the Quoizel Rail Lighting Kit are great for providing task lighting over a kitchen island or counter. Ceiling pendant lights such as the Visual Comfort Thomas O’Brien Reed Large Pendant are equally functional and can work with different interior decors.

Top Tips

• It’s not necessary to replace your furniture and appliances to change the look of your room, just add a Kitchen Island Lighting Fixture such as the Quoizel New Harbor Island Light. More often than not, the island is where a lot of the cutting and food prep is handled. Aside from being decorative pieces, Kitchen Island Lighting keeps the area well-lit so you can safely and easily perform important tasks.

• Add some decorative lighting in your kitchen to give it a nice touch. This can be achieved with hand-blown ceiling pendants that add charm and color, giving your kitchen a more interesting and livelier look. Use wall sconces to add sufficient task lighting to your sink area.

• Give your space a different look and feel with a kitchen island chandelier. A Chandelier-style Kitchen Island Light like the Golden Lighting Meridian Lighted Pot Rack is ideal when you have a larger kitchen island because it provides maximum coverage by using a single lighting fixture.

• Get rid of old incandescent bulbs and halogen light sources that are mostly heat-producing lamps. Replace old recessed fixtures, and retrofit with cooler, more energy-efficient light sources such as compact fluorescent (CFL) and LED lamps. You can light your entire kitchen using less than 100 watts of energy with brilliantly designed ambient illumination and task lighting.

Overall, adaptability and maintenance-free installation are key to updated kitchen lighting designs. From energy-efficient light sources to touch-less controls, tech-savvy, user-friendly luxury is always in style.

PRO TIP: The right amount of kitchen lighting can really make a difference in your space. The top places to add kitchen task lighting are under kitchen cabinets, over the central island, over food prep and cooking stations, over the kitchen sink and clean up area and in the pantry.

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