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Dining Room Lighting Trends We Need to Share

The Cleo Chandelier by Visual Comfort

Believe it or not, your dining room is the easiest space to renovate. Think about it. All you need is some new dining room lighting and maybe an updated dining set. The table and chairs are obviously a large part of the room, but don’t underestimate the power of good lighting – especially in such an intimate area.

The light fixture is your dining room’s biggest accessory. Even the simplest design will make a statement, because it’s the main attraction – next to your delicious, home-cooked meal, of course. You want to make it count, which is why we’ve gathered some of the latest-and-greatest dining room lighting trends to get you started.

The Top Fixtures for Your Dining Room

Light can come from a number of sources, but there are certain fixtures that make the most sense in a dining room. The size of your space will also influence the type of fixtures you use. In a breakfast nook, you may need only one of these pieces. Whereas, a large, formal dining room could have them all.


Chandeliers are the quintessential dining room fixture because they scream luxury lighting and instantly elevate your design. Whether they’re made with clear crystal pendants or chunky wood branches, chandeliers cast light in all directions. That’s why they’re usually hung front and center over your dining table, where they can wow guests and spark conversation.


If you’re looking for more unique dining room lighting, pendants are the perfect pick. These pieces come in many forms – from a simple hanging ceiling lamp to an elaborate cluster of globe pendants. Similar to a chandelier, pendants are best suited for the center of your dining room. But with pendant lights, you can get a little more creative. For instance, hang multiple drum pendants in a row that run the length of your dining room table and spread the light in a dramatic fashion.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are commonly found in hallways, kitchens and living rooms. But there’s no rule against recessed lights in the dining room. If strategically placed, a few of these tucked-away fixtures will act as accent lighting. They can either put focus on a particular piece of wall art or help round out the room’s overall lighting. Either way, think of recessed lighting as a supplement to your main fixture.

Wall Sconces

Depending on the style of your wall sconces, they can serve one of two purposes. Some will provide low lighting that helps set the mood for your intimate dining experience, while others throw light directly on an object or into a dark corner. Unlike recessed lights, however, wall sconces are tangible accessories in the dining room. So be sure you select a set that matches your dining décor.

Dining Room Lighting Trends to Try

Since recessed lights and wall sconces are used as fillers, these are fairly easy décor decisions. You’ll choose them last, after you’ve set the tone with a grand chandelier or elegant pendant. Those are the pieces that deserve your focus. To help guide your mind’s eye, we’ve gathered three dining room lighting trends that are sure to inspire your awe-inspiring space. From understated modern to massive and magnificent, there’s a design here for you.

1. Black and White

What do tuxedos, checkered tile floors and Oreos have in common? They’re all classic examples of the beauty in black and white. The human eye is attracted to the contrast between light and the absence of it, which is why it’s a common design choice. If you’ve never thought to bring this timeless trend into your dining room, now’s your chance.

The Cleo Chandelier by Visual Comfort
The Cleo Chandelier by Visual Comfort

Another way you can incorporate the black-and-white trend is by adding contrasting colors within the room. Visual Comfort’s Cleo Chandelier has matte black glass shades and a burnished brass finish that will pop against white walls and a white dining table. This is a truly versatile piece that could fit in a transitional, modern or contemporary home.

2. Art Deco

Art deco lighting is making a comeback. This time, it’s not about responding to tired Art Nouveau florals. It’s about making a big statement with a single piece. The ’20s were a period of abundance, which led to the surge of opulent, oversized light fixtures, gold furniture, stained glass windows and other expensive features. In today’s world, art deco lighting stands alone – and it’s exactly enough.

The Charisma Chandelier by Corbett Lighting
The Charisma Pendant by Corbett Lighting

The Charisma Pendant by Corbett Lighting is proof that something so retro can live in a modern, streamlined space. Its elongated glass tubes look just like flapper fringe, while the touches of gold leaf speak to the riches. Place this large light fixture in the middle of your dining room, and the rest of your décor can be neutral and uncluttered.

The Clover Chandelier by Crystorama
The Clover Chandelier by Crystorama

Art deco was also known for its geometric shapes, and you’ll get just that in the Clover Chandelier by Crystorama. The oversized fixture features two tiers of perfect circles, which are then adorned with perfectly round glass beads. With such a striking presence, this is the type of chandelier that will get your formal dining room ready for its next dinner party.

3. Industrial Minimalism

Whether it’s an eco-friendly influence or the Marie Kondo effect, minimalism continues to gain traction in the design world. This has been especially true of industrial pendants. These fixtures are no longer just clunky combinations of wood and metal pipes. Industrial minimalism is taking shape in the form of geometric shapes and lightweight designs.

The Daisy Pendant by Mitzi
The Daisy Pendant by Mitzi

The sweetest example of industrial minimalism is Mitzi’s Daisy pendant. It’s essentially made up of only two key industrial elements: soft metal and a round filament bulb. Hang two or three of these pendants over your table, and the look still feels light and airy.

4. Celestial Spheres

We all know that the celestial lighting trend has taken flight in recent years. The intriguing shapes, crystals and illusions of movement that characterize this category of lighting are captivating. A beautiful celestial fixture can set a dreamy mood for any dinner party when placed as a single focal point above the table.

The Bonham Chandelier by Elan Lighting
The Bonham Chandelier by Elan Lighting

The Bonham Chandelier by Elan Lighting gives an elegant, modern illusion of many interlinked moons. With the light coming from the interior of each sphere it appears different at every angle. Each piece emulates a delicate crescent moon giving this fixture an out-of-this-world look that will be sure to grab attention and set the tone for the room.

The Sparta Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting
The Sparta Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting

The Sparta Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting looks like a piece taken straight from among the stars. With each pointed crystal holding a bulb this piece will not only add an amazing view but will also distribute plenty of light. This beautiful fixture comes in both polished nickel and an aged brass finish.

Tap Into the Trends

The dining room is where you gather your family for dinner, greet guests with an indulgent brunch and host a houseful for Thanksgiving. But in order for it to give love, it needs to get a little love. Now that you’ve seen the latest dining room lighting trends, you know how easy it is to makeover this space. So why not start there? You and your loved ones will be glad you did.