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May 2, 2019


Fanimation Fans: The Most Innovative Fan Company

Spitfire Ceiling Fan by Fanimation

It’s true, copper finishes are a coveted kitchen trend and crystal chandeliers are a foyer favorite. But have you ever been blown away by a ceiling fan? Literally, maybe; metaphorically, probably not. Fans don’t always have to be looked at as a purely functional fixture. While you’d be right to think their functional use is the most important factor, Fanimation is determined to change your perspective.

Fanimation Fans: Behind the Brand

Fanimation was founded in Pasadena, California in 1984 by a fledgling fan designer named Tom Frampton. He started the business in his garage with only three fan designs, one of which was the Punkah®.

The Punkah® is a unique fan with blades that hang in a horizontal row and move in harmony, from side-to-side. The Punkah® was a product of Tom’s passion for worldly travels and forward-thinking engineering. In fact, it was this innovative approach to fan design that launched Tom Frampton’s business, and what would become the foundation of all Fanimation fans.

The punkah fan by Fanimation

Fanimation Fans: Industry Innovators

Ever since the Punkah® fan, Fanimation has been revered for its unique innovations. Take the Enigma™ fan, for instance. In 2002, it was an instant icon, because of its sleek, single-blade design and edgy gray finish. The Enigma made such a splash when it came to market that Hollywood cast it for a role in the movie “I, Robot.”

View Scale Enigma Outdoor Rated 60 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Fanimation

A few years later, another unique fan was born, the Air Shadow™. What made this a stand-out design were the retractable blades. It was a unique, light-fixture-meets-ceiling-fan combination that would hide the fan blades when the fan was not in use.

Of course, Fanimation didn’t stop there. Fast-forward to the company’s 30th anniversary in 2014, when the world was first introduced to fanSync™. FanSync uses Bluetooth technology to remotely power on and control ceiling fans from a smartphone, tablet or transmitter. Once you download the fanSync app on your iOS or Android device, you can control every ceiling fan with the simple slide of a finger.

While fanSync was developed by Fanimation, it’s not exclusive to Fanimation fans. The fact that this technology is compatible with most AC motor, three-speed fans is a testament to the company’s impact on the industry as a whole. It’s been more than 30 years, and Fanimation continues to move the needle.

Find Your Favorite Fanimation Fan

Fanimation is still renown for its specialty designs like the Punkah, but it also has a wide selection of portable fans, indoor fans, and wet-rated fans to suit your needs and provide comfort to any space in – or outside – your house. Best of all, many of these are Energy Star-rated to complement your home’s eco-friendly illumination. Below are some of our top “fan” favorites from Fanimation.

Odyn Outdoor Rated 84 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Fanimation

1. Odyn – Outdoor-Rated Fan

The difference with Fanimation outdoor fans is that they are a shining example of eco-friendly design, and the Odyn is no exception. Though an oversized fixture with nine long blades, it consumes up to 70% less energy than other fans. Of course, a clean energy rating isn’t the only thing that makes this fan a star accessory in your outdoor living space. The Odyn also scores major design points for its starburst center and timeless nickel finish. It’s a smart nod to celestial lighting that should not go unnoticed.

Spitfire Ceiling Fan by Fanimation

2. Spitfire – Indoor Ceiling Fan

At first glance, the Spitfire fan looks like truly contemporary design. But take a closer look, and you’ll see it has the curves of traditional style, balanced by the power of today’s technology. The Spitfire is not only Energy Star-rated, but it connects to Fanimation’s fanSync app so you can enjoy the convenience of control along with the elegance of a dark, woodsy finish. If you’re hanging it in your den or bedroom, go ahead and add an LED light kit. Otherwise, let the Spitfire’s simplicity shine through.

Hugh 44 Outdoor Rated 44 Inch Flush Mount Fan with Light Kit by Fanimation

3. Hugh – Flush Mount Fan

Sometimes, you want a subtle ceiling fixture, one that doesn’t crowd your headspace or interrupt a beautiful view outside your window. That’s why Fanimation made the Hugh fan. Not only does it sit close to your ceiling, but it also features three silky-smooth blades that cut through the air like a knife. You get power, precision, and panache all in one no-fuss fixture.

Benito 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Fanimation

4. Benito – Indoor Ceiling Fan

The Benito is the definition of universal design. It has five nice-sized blades, a sturdy base, and a bright light fixture. It’s everything you could want in a ceiling fan. But because it’s a Fanimation design, it offers a little more than the average fan. The base and mount, for instance, are layered like a wedding cake. Meanwhile, the arms of the blades are designed like a clawfoot bathtub. Though they have a modern twist, these elements hint at Tom Frampton’s fascination with history and old-world charm.

Drone 60 Inch Flush Mount Fan with Light Kit by Fanimation

5. Drone – Flush Mount Fan

Like a drone hovering overhead, this fan is an example of what’s to come. Whether you choose the glossy white, black or silver finish, you’ll have a futuristic fan that looks lovely in a contemporary or modern home. Like the Hugh ceiling fan, Fanimation’s Drone design sits snug against the ceiling. So it’s perfect for open floor plans and mid-century modern homes with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Ascension 54 Inch Ceiling Fan by Fanimation

6. Ascension – 54-Inch Ceiling Fan

Indoor fans in an industrial space can be overwhelmingly large, choosing function over form. But thanks to Fanimation’s Ascension design, you can finally have equal parts of both. With four blades spanning 54 inches, it’s just large enough to cool the average living room. And when it comes to style, the Ascension offers exactly what you want: clean lines and a modern brushed nickel finish. It will match perfectly to those exposed pipes and ductwork.

Levon Ac Outdoor Rated 63 Inch Ceiling Fan by Fanimation

7. Levon – Outdoor-Rated Fan

With the Levon outdoor fan, you get a warm style and a cool breeze. The oil-rubbed finish and walnut blades are what make this oversized fixture look like a charming rustic accessory. Hang this in your outdoor living space to make it feel like an extension of your home. Or, leave it inside and let it be a complement to your farmhouse lighting and décor.

How do you feel about ceiling fans now? Whether you want an energy-efficient fixture or are focused on comfort and convenience, Fanimation fans deliver on every front. They’re innovative, modern, stylish and sophisticated. And the best part? There’s no telling what Fanimation will come up with next.