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Jul 30, 2019


Generation Lighting’s Latest Design Collaborations

It’s been said that “teamwork makes the dream work,” but Generation Lighting brings that idea to life with their designer collaborations. They have developed partnerships with some of the most influential names in interior design in order to bring industry-leading aesthetics to a more wide-reaching audience. While the process was a true labor of love and respect, the results have proven to be nothing short of spectacular.

Of course, this should come as no surprise. Once you know a little more about Generation Lighting and the best-in-class designers behind it all, a light bulb will go off. You’ll understand exactly how these diametric teams came together to accomplish one monumental mission.

About Generation Lighting

The Backstory

Generation Lighting may be a new name in the industry, but its roots run deep. Generation Lighting is part of Visual Comfort Group. As a branch on the family tree, Generation Lighting was sprouted to achieve one important mission: make design accessible to all.

While this may seem like an arduous task, their design team has been at it for years. Since 1919, the Sea Gull Collection has been an industry staple, offering beautiful lighting at an unmatched value. The same can be said of their Feiss Collection, which has been true to its classic craftsmanship since 1955.

Of course, the real challenge for Generation Lighting is keeping the product selection fresh. That’s why they have partnered with some of the top design talents of our time, including Thomas O’Brien, E. F. Chapman, Kyle Myers, and Ellen Degeneres to name a few. It is through these collaborative relationships that Generation Lighting remains so widely relevant and reachable.

The Design Style

It doesn’t matter which creative genius is at the wheel, Generation Lighting designs honor form as much as function. In fact, their products defy generations, because they are both timely and timeless. Like Edison light bulb fixtures, their designs often feature quality-crafted vintage accents that have been added to trendy profiles. The goal is to never be uber-modern or undeniably old-fashioned. While it’s a balancing act, it’s also the reason Generation Lighting designs speak to a broad range of customers.

The Latest Designer Collections For Generation Lighting

Keeping its promise to make design accessible to all, Generation Lighting called upon a handful of creators to carry the torch. The company chose the designers below because they each offer something unique and have already proven themselves as leaders in the industry. More than that, they all share in Generation Lighting’s values and mission.

The Collection: Chapman & Myers

For decades, E.F. Chapman has designed premium lighting. His classically influenced style draws inspiration from architecture and is known for its staying power. Partnering with Chapman is Kyle Myers. Myers brings a more modern aesthetic and sensibility to their partnership. As a result, their collection provides a wide variety of designs encompassing traditional, modern and transitional aesthetics for all generations.

What to Expect:

Chapman & Myers Garrett 31 Inch Table Lamp by Generation Lighting
Accessorize your bedside table with the Chapman & Myers Garret Table Lamp by Generation Lighting.

Mixing materials is one of the many ways Chapman & Myers marry the old with the new, as seen in the Garrett Table Lamp. The burnished brass of art deco acclaim is paired with a sleek, glass cylinder base that could be found in any modern home. Tying it all together is a timeless linen lampshade, which helps soften the light for reading in bed or relaxing in your living room.

Chapman & Myers Westerly 12 Light Chandelier by Generation Lighting
The Chapman & Myers Westerly Chandelier adds dimension above your dining table.

This two-tiered design has all the trappings of a classic chandelier: candelabra arrangement, incandescent candle bulbs, and elegantly curved arms. But because it comes completely unadorned – no crystal droplets or beaded chains – the Westerly Chandelier can swing transitional, contemporary or even mid-century-modern.

The Collection: TOB by Thomas O’Brien

Thomas O’Brien is an interior designer and merchant with his own store, Aero Studios, in New York City. He has been a student of photography, art, and design for decades, which would explain his keen eye. O’Brien has a knack for seeing what others do not. This is how he has come to be a favorite at Generation Lighting, always creating designs that bridge traditional and modern in unexpected ways.

What to Expect:

TOB By Thomas O'Brien Beckham Classic 17 Inch Wall Sconce by Generation Lighting
Light up the night with the TOB by Thomas O’Brien Beckham Wall Sconce for Generation Lighting.

Like a well-tailored suit, the Beckham Classic Wall Sconce is prepared for an intimate evening – and that’s exactly what you’ll get. The white linen lampshade and brass finish are outfitted together to bring warmth to an empty hallway or a minimalist’s bedroom.

TOB By Thomas O'Brien Capri 8 Light Chandelier by Generation Lighting TOB By Thomas O'Brien Capri 8 Light Chandelier by Generation LightingTOB By Thomas O'Brien Capri 8 Light Chandelier
The TOB by Thomas O’Brien Capri Chandelier for Generation Lighting makes a subtle statement.

Thomas O’Brien approached this design with a less-is-more motto. While the Capri Chandelier does feature eight perky lights, you won’t feel any weight hanging over your head. With light linen shades and a polished nickel finish, it’s the simplicity that speaks volumes.

The Collection: ED Ellen DeGeneres

The most recent collaboration includes the household name, Ellen DeGeneres. Though a talk-show host by day, Ellen moonlights as a home décor expert. In fact, it is her shared passion for interior design that inspired Generation Lighting to pursue this partnership. They recognized Ellen’s enthusiasm for relaxed mid-century modern design and appreciated that her ideas had a charming rustic flare. Each piece is endearingly influenced by Ellen’s favorite, world-renowned artists and sends a nod to the treasured accessories throughout her homes.

What to Expect:

ED Ellen DeGeneres Atlas 52 Inch Floor Lamp by Generation Lighting
The ED Ellen DeGeneres Atlas Floor Lamp by Generation Lighting stands 52 inches tall.

With its four slender legs and the perfectly round globe in formation, the Atlas Floor Lamp looks like a rocket ready to launch. Indeed, it will transport you to an out-of-this-world place in time, where modern design meets industrial chic. It feels substantial, thanks to a seedy glass shade and warm yellow filament bulb. Yet, Ellen’s design is airy enough to fit in a cozy corner.

ED Ellen DeGeneres Darwin Large Pendant by Generation Lighting
Fill the air with the ED Ellen DeGeneres Darwin Pendant by Generation Lighting.

When it comes to the Darwin Pendant, nature does not beat out nurture. Instead, the two work together to form a balanced fixture. On one hand, you have a high-performing, low-profile design that shines a light on homework assignments at the eat-in-kitchen. But there’s also something surprisingly comforting about the natural wood accent, slender shape, and smooth edges. There’s no doubt this design would thrive in a modern, minimalist home.

True Teamwork

Staying steadfast to its promise, Generation Lighting was able to bring designer-quality lighting to an accessible level. Of course, none of it would have been possible without the support and passion from these influential names in interior design. These designer collections are a true example of what can happen when you take on a mission as one, collaborative team effort.