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Lighting Inspiration from Noell of Jett Set Farmhouse

It takes a lot to build a home from the ground up: dedication, perseverance, grit, and more. Noell Jett and her husband Daniel Jett have this in spades. Not only did they build their own home, doing all the work themselves, but Daniel ran a successful business while Noell describes herself as someone with “a love for all things home.”

When you’ve spent eight long years designing and building a home, and it comes time to decorate it, every item is thoughtful and intentional, including the lighting. That’s what Noell and Daniel did with their home. In Noell’s words, it’s been “quite a journey to get where we are. But now starts the fun part!”

Here’s what she had to say about the importance of good lighting.

Feiss Thayer 17 Inch 3 Light Mini Chandelier by Generation Lighting

The Feiss Thayer Chandelier by Generation Lighting welcomes guests with graceful curves, softening the look of an otherwise traditional four-sided chandelier. The sophisticated and sleek lighting highlights the hand-crafted details in this space.

The Role of Lighting in Design

Capitol Lighting: What priority do you place on lighting in your overall design?

Noell: Lighting plays an integral part in our overall design. I treat it like the perfect necklace or pair of earrings, it is the piece that pulls the room together and makes it shine!

CL: When does light become a focal point or largest consideration in your design?

Noell: I think lighting is a focal point of any design, while functional, it adds to the room’s aesthetic while defining and influencing the overall feel of it.

Suzanne Kasler Morris 18 Inch Cage Pendant by Visual Comfort and Co.

The raw look of the Suzanne Kasler Cage Pendant by Visual Comfort and Co. makes it an excellent choice for this modern rustic farmhouse kitchen. The unique cage-style shade elevates the space with just the right amount of glow.

CL: What room in the home is your favorite to design using lighting and why?

Noell: The kitchen! I love how in a space full of earthy elements like wood and stone, lighting has the ability to really shine!

Riverwood 16 Inch Tall 1 Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern by Kichler Lighting

Outdoor lighting makes the summer nights and fall evenings enjoyable with front porch ambiance. These Riverwood Lights by Kichler Lighting offer a modern take on vintage style as they illuminate the entrance.

CL: What is the importance of outdoor lighting for a home?

Noell: Not only does outdoor lighting provide ambiance, done correctly, but it also allows your home to feel warm and inviting, even in the dark of night.

Hayman Bay 28 Inch 5 Light Chandelier by Kichler Lighting

The distressed antique white finish on this charming Hayman Bay Chandelier by Kichler Lighting completes this tranquil bedroom with a cozy and elegant vibe.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Products

CL: What is your rationale behind each lighting product selected?

Noell: Each light was chosen for the design elements it added to our home.

CL: What style/theme was the goal and how did the lighting selections take place?

Noell: Our home is a modern rustic farmhouse with lots of earthy elements, rich textures, and vibrant accents. We chose light fixtures that would serve as a focal point, tying surrounding elements together while providing visual interest and beauty to each space.

Byron 48 Inch 8 Light Chandelier by Troy Lighting

Perfect for Noell’s modern rustic farmhouse style, the Byron 8 Light Pendant by Troy Lighting merges industrial-chic details with opera house luxury, creating a mood of timeless elegance. Drop crystal accents gleam through the delicate globe cage frame crafted from wrought iron, finished in vintage bronze.

CL: What were the important elements of the products selected?

Noell: Each room had different elements that were important! For the kitchen it was the gold and glass, the living room aesthetic was the iron and glass combination, the master bathroom needed all glass. We looked at the surrounding elements and chose fixtures with finishes that perfectly complemented them.

CL: What inspires you when it comes to lighting? Is it different from other aspects of your style or elements you typically call upon?

Noell: I’m inspired by the way a light fixture can tie other elements together while shining as the focal point of a room. I believe each room should combine all the elements to be good design, so if we already have brick, wood, and fabric, I’ll look for a light that has glass and metal.

Falconwood 32 Inch 8 Light Chandelier by Currey and Company

The breathtaking Falconwood Chandelier by Currey & Company stuns in the Jett Set Farmhouse’s stairway. The hand-carved beading and old bronze finish on the wrought-iron frame of this eight-light chandelier creates an aura of subtle elegance.

Tips for Selecting Lighting

CL: What are your tips are for selecting lighting?

Noell: Choose a light that you love! Whether simple and elegant or a luxurious statement piece, lighting is a major part of your design, so make sure you love it!

CL: What are some key points about how you selected the lighting that you have throughout the house?

Noell: Maintaining a consistent theme throughout our home allowed us to choose a different style of light for each room. Though at first glance, they may all seem very different, there is an underlying pattern that ties them all together, connecting each space and giving our home a cohesive feel.

Mesh Drum Pendant Light Adds the Right Touch

With the bold paint color, chair railing, and trim,so, this office has tons of character and depth. It needed just the right touch for added interest. This mesh drum pendant light does the trick. It’s simple lines and industrial feel pulls the look together with charm and whimsy.

CL: What have you learned through this project about the importance of lighting?

Noell: Again, we learned that lighting can truly make your design! While lighting is functional, it is also a major design element that influences the entire look of a space.

Mark D. Sikes Painted No.1 Large Pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting

Here’s a little inspo on how to make a bright space brighter with the Mark D. Sikes Painted Pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting. Storage never looked so good and so organized.

Inspiration: How to Get Good Lighting for Your Space

Each space in this build has been carefully planned, with room for the unexpected. Keep this in mind when choosing lighting for your spaces. If you are looking to elevate the light in your home, our lighting specialists will be happy to guide you. Consultations are provided via our online lighting team or stop by the Capitol Lighting showroom near you.