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Jade Scott Shares Her Lighting Style Tips

Do you know your lighting style? It’s not an easy answer. For one, light fixtures come in an array of shapes, sizes and finishes. Secondly, what you love about certain light fixtures may not be the same defining qualities you choose for your furniture or other décor accessories. Without a doubt, the pieces should all coordinate and create a cohesive design. But that doesn’t mean a modular dining table can’t be paired with a crystal chandelier.

It may sound confusing now, but we’ve talked to a style expert to iron out some of the wrinkles. Jade Scott of A Spoonful of Style has first-hand experience finding her lighting style, and she offered to share those insights – as any good blogger would do. Before we jump into her lighting style tips, let’s get to know the expert herself.

About Jade Scott

Jade Alison Scott is married to Matt Scott. Together, they are the parents of two beautiful children, Andi and Lincoln. They currently live in South Florida, where Jade has created her own business as an Instagram influencer and blogger and Matt works as a real estate development attorney.

Originally, Instagram (@jscott24) was just a hobby for Jade. It was a place for her to share fashion looks and shopping tips. Before she knew it, Jade had developed a name for herself. She became a trusted resource for all things fashion. That’s when Jade realized creating a blog would help her share more tips, tricks and experiences, so she founded A Spoonful of Style.

After having kids, A Spoonful of Style became more of a lifestyle blog. When it comes to home décor, Jade admits she fell into it by accident – but not by coincidence. She has always had a passion for design and – very clearly – has an eye for style. It was only a matter of time before Jade would find her place as an interior design expert, as well.

That time came when she and her family moved to a new house. As the DIY projects started to rack up, Jade dove into each one with the same enthusiasm and creativity she shares for fashion. Today, Jade has more than 380,000 followers on Instagram and her blog continues to be a popular resource for home, family and fashion advice.

Why Lighting Style Matters

Think of your favorite outfit. Is it tailored? Does it feature a fun pattern or print? Are you wearing fancy boots or sneakers? These elements speak to your personality in some way or another, which is exactly what your lighting style does for your home. No matter how big, small, shiny or simple, the light fixtures you choose will make a statement about your home’s individuality.

Of course, your furnishings, wall color and flooring will also help define your home’s overall style. But your lighting could be the most defining factor. Take a look at your dining room, for example, there’s probably not much in there, except a table, chairs and maybe a china cabinet. These few pieces can start a conversation, but they don’t tell the whole story. By adding the right dining room chandelier for entertaining, you complete the ensemble.

How to Find Your Own Lighting Style

Jade went through the process of lighting her home with a fresh, innocent perspective. She kept her eyes, ears and mind wide open to a range of possible directions, which helped her learn a lot from the experience. There were several key takeaways that helped Jade find her lighting style. Try taking these same progressive steps at home, and your own lighting style will gracefully reveal itself.

  1. Follow Your Instincts

In lighting her kitchen, Jade was conflicted over finishes. She knew she wanted gold, but her kitchen already featured a lot of silver. The idea of mixing metals seemed taboo, or so she heard. Ultimately, Jade pulled the trigger and brought two contrasting finishes into the open space. And guess what? She was really happy with how it came out. Lesson learned: follow your instincts.

This may come more naturally to some than others. Remember, Jade does have a designer’s eye. The truth is, though, anyone can tap into the creative side with a little style quiz exercise. Ask yourself a few this-or-that questions, such as: Do you like abstract shapes or clean, geometric lines? What types of materials do you prefer: plush or rugged? Does your home need a touch of sparkle or would you like to see muted tones and minimal shine?

Usually, your first reaction is the right reaction. So, take note of these preferences and you’ll have a rough idea of which direction to go from there.

2. Research, Research, Research!

With a general idea of what you like (“I like geometric shapes and matte black finishes”), you can start researching more in-depth. For instance, you might search online or in stores for the characteristics you know you favor. This can take a while, and it should. Research is important. You may find your initial instincts to be incomplete – not wrong, but not the full picture. This is where you fill in those gaps.

Jade spent a significant amount of time researching kitchen lighting ideas, because it’s where her family gathers the most. Certain rooms in your house are highly trafficked and well-lived in. You want them to feel inviting, and nothing sets that tone better than lighting. Plus, when you have a firm idea of your lighting style, you won’t be persuaded by someone else’s opinion. Thanks to her extensive research, Jade knew exactly what she wanted and didn’t let her builder steer her in another direction.

3. Define What You Want

Through your research, you’ll be able to nail down your lighting style. Keep in mind, you may like a blend of different styles – and that’s perfectly okay. Jade discovered she loves when a light fixture has a nice balance of traditional elements with modern glamour. If it helps to clarify your preferences, create a vision board, add things to a Pinterest board, post them on Instagram or write down your thoughts in a journal. Use whatever tools you need to clearly express your lighting style.

4. Talk to the Experts

The final step is to go shopping. With your vision in mind (or written down), go talk to the lighting experts. They can be your best resource and biggest support system if you let them. People who work in lighting all day, every day will be able to answer any question you might have – whether it be a structural concern, design conundrum or installation issue. Lighting is beautiful, but it can be complicated. It’s not the easiest project to tackle on your own.

Even the experts need experts. When Jade was deciding on her home’s lighting, she turned to the professionals at Capitol Lighting. She stresses that it’s important to work with a company that knows what they are doing. Lighting may have been the last design feature she chose in each part of the house, but it was always the one thing that pulled the look together – inside and outside!

Shop the Look

Jade’s lighting style could be described as luxurious modern. She chose warm gold finishes for all her fixtures and made sure her chandeliers shined with crystal droplets. Some have tiers of glass, while her dressing room chandelier just drips down like a cascade of icicles. Below are the fixtures she found at Capitol Lighting to outfit her home and establish her lighting style.

2 Urban Classic Denmark Pendants  hang over Jade Scott's white kitchen island | Capitol Lighting

Kitchen Island

Fixture: Urban Classic Denmark Pendant by Elegant Lighting
Size: 17 inches
Finish: Golden Iron

Jade Scott shows lighting style with Urban Classic Denmark Pendants & Linear light in her dining room

Dining Room

Fixture: Urban Classic Denmark Linear Suspension Light by Elegant Lighting
Size: 17 inches with 6 lights
Finish: Golden Iron

Calypso Chandelier by Crystorama shines bright next to holiday decorations in the living room | Capitol Lighting

Living Room

Fixture: Calypso Chandelier by Crystorama
Size: 30 inches with 6 lights
Finish: Vibrant Gold

Perla Chandelier by Crystorama hangs in the center of a white modern-glam master bedroom | Capitol Lighting

Master Bedroom

Fixture: Perla Chandelier by Crystorama
Size: 32 inches with 9 lights
Finish: Antique Gold

Jade Scott shows off fashion & lighting style with the Windham Mini Chandelier in her closet | Capitol Lighting

Master Closet

Fixture: Windham Mini Chandelier by Crystorama
Size: 20 inches with 5 lights
Finish: Antique Gold