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Keep Guests Cool with These Living Room Fan Ideas

When the hustle and bustle of the kitchen start to heat up, the next go-to room to gather in is the living room. Guests can cozy up on the couch to chat or watch a favorite film, but this room won’t do its duty if it’s not as comfortable as can be. That is where your living room fan comes in.

Don’t have a living room fan? It might be time to consider a new fixture.

Why Do You Need a Living Room Fan?

The thought of swapping out a crystal chandelier for some wood blades and a shaded light may sound criminal. But here are three convincing reasons you might consider a living room fan above other fixtures:

  1. Temperature control
  2. Energy efficiency
  3. Style

Temperature control

Having a central air conditioning system is crucial if you want total comfort throughout your home. However, these systems are not designed to solve all your cooling concerns.

Some rooms – especially larger ones like your living room – may still feel warmer than others, even though the temperature is in line with the rest of the house. While you can retrofit a zone-controlling system with your existing central air, the installation is laborious and costly.

A simpler solution is the tried-and-true ceiling fan. Ceiling fans create a draft throughout the room by moving air in a circular fashion. This wind-chill effect makes a significant difference in how the room feels, plus, you can easily control the intensity of the wind chill by adjusting the speed of the blades.

Energy efficiency

Do you hate to see your electric bill spike every summer? Installing solar panels would certainly help. Or, you could make smaller changes, like switching to LED lighting and installing a living room fan.

The U.S. Department of Energy says, “If you use air conditioning, a ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat setting about 4 degrees Fahrenheit with no reduction in comfort.” This effectively reduces your dependency on AC, while also saving you several bucks on your energy bill.

Pro tip: Fans work most effectively in a living room with ceilings at least eight feet high. Also, the fan’s blades should be about seven to nine feet above the floor and 10 to 12 inches below the ceiling.


Believe it or not, ceiling fans with lights have come a long way. More designers have taken on the challenge to create fans that cater to a variety of styles and price points.

There are contemporary fixtures with curved metal blades, modern styles with a mix of materials and even industrial-chic options with shapely profiles. In other words, you’ll have no trouble making as big – or as little – of a statement as you want with your living room fan.

Your Living Room Fan Inspiration Board

All living room ceiling fans will help you control the room temperature and save energy. But which one suits your home’s personality is a matter of preference. If you aren’t sure what you like, it might help to see how fans look in rooms of varying size and style. Check out the specially curated collection below for inspiration.

Axial 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Casablanca Fan Company

Axial by Casablanca Fan Company

With its wood-look blades, the Axial by Casablanca will beautifully complement rustic lighting in other parts of your home. Because of its size, you’ll want to hang this 52-inch fan in a great room with high ceilings. If your space has weathered beams or knotty wood floors, even better. The Axial’s bronze finish goes well with those classic craftsman features.

Orchid 30 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Casablanca Fan Company

Orchid by Casablanca Fan Company

If you’re looking for a modern ceiling fan that doubles as a work of art, the Orchid by Casablanca checks both boxes. It’s wide, whimsical blades catch a lot of air, while also wowing guests with their unique form. You can give this fan more than a 10-foot drop below it, and it will still make a statement.

Valby 54 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Casablanca Fan Company

Valby by Casablanca Fan Company

A white finish, round base, and walnut-colored blades all point to mid-century modern design. With such subtle features, you can rest assured this ceiling fan will seamlessly adapt to the natural flow of your main living space. Plus, it has no problems giving center stage to more impactful accessories, like colorful pillows or a patterned area rug.

Wisp 44 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Casablanca Fan Company

Wisp by Casablanca Fan Company

It may have one of the simplest designs, but the Wisp by Casablanca should not be underestimated. This is a high-performing contemporary fan in both form and function. Not only are the blades shaped like aerodynamic boat propellers, but the 18-watt LED light offers an efficient source of lighting to help further conserve energy.

Spitfire 60 Inch Ceiling Fan by Fanimation

Spitfire by Fanimation

Some ceiling fans come with optional light kits, and the Spitfire is one of them. In fact, this fan comes with a lot of choices, especially when it comes to finishes. Pictured here is the dark bronze with walnut blades, which clearly complements a modern farmhouse. No matter which way you go, your guests will be plenty comfortable. The 60-inch blade span produces enough air circulation to cool a 300-square-foot living room.

Hugh 44 Inch Flush Mount Fan with Light Kit by Fanimation Hugh 44 Inch Flush Mount Fan with Light Kit by FanimationHugh 44 Inch Flush Mount Fan with Light Kit

Hugh by Fanimation

Even though it’s made of metal and has a dimmable LED light kit, the Hugh ceiling fan is rooted in traditional design. It has that bulky, flush-mount base that blends in well with oversized sectionals and heavy leather chairs. Not to mention, the opal frosted glass is a staple in classic style. Go with the timeless brushed nickel and never look back.

Bennett With Light 52 Inch 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Hunter Fan Bennett With Light 52 Inch 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Hunter FanBennett With Light 52 Inch 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

Bennett by Hunter Fan

At first glance, the Bennett is clearly traditional with its chrome finish and five wood-look, blades. But you can spin this fan to be something much more. Its vintage-inspired LED filament bulb and crystal-clear, open glass globe are surprisingly glamorous touches. Add to that the grey-toned reversible blades, and this fan is perfect in a modern living room.

Aker With Led Light 36 Inch 36 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit by Hunter Fan

Aker by Hunter Fan

Living tiny? The 36-inch Aker Ceiling Fan has you and your square footage covered. This small yet mighty piece is sort of a jack of all trades when it comes to style. The natural wood blades are suited for mid-century modern design, while the sturdy chrome base and white glass case complement classic or transitional rooms.

Vault 30 Inch Ceiling Fan by Hunter Fan

Vault by Hunter Fan

Every urban industrial loft craves a fixture as cool and interesting as the Vault Ceiling Fan. It’s perfectly round and symmetrical like some of the best designer pendant lights, yet completely functions as a powerful room chiller. You would never know underneath that sleek, matte-black finish are three blades, pitched perfectly for optimal air circulation. That’s architecture at its height.

Be Cool. Be Comfortable.

Of course, style and trends matter. But the level of comfort you and your guests have in the heart of your home should always take priority. Luckily, with the latest living room fan designs, you can have the best of both worlds: comfort and class. Truthfully, is there anything cooler than that?