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Dec 10, 2016

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Midcentury Modern Lighting You Need to See Now

Reinvigorate Your Residence

Less is More

Renowned German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, when referring to his favored design principles and aesthetics, said that “Less is more.” Perhaps no other mantra captures the essence of mid-century modern design any better. For those of you who are new to the term, mid-century modern is a style that was prevalent in the 1950’s and employs clean lines, geometric shapes, organic curves, use of traditional and unique resources, and an emphasis on contrasting materials, among numerous other distinct elements. If you’re familiar with the TV show Mad Men, then you probably have a strong sense of this style whether you realize it or not. You may even be aware that mid-century modern design is making a major comeback, especially when it comes to lighting fixtures. As you look to reinvigorate the interior of your residence in the coming year, you’d be well served to implement the use of mid-century modern lighting fixtures in your home.

Simple Lines

If there’s one element of mid-century modern lighting design that sets it apart from other design styles, it would have to be the use of simple and straight lines. When implemented correctly, these lines afford a lighting fixture a degree of proportion and definition that allows it to draw in the eye. The great thing about this element is that no matter which way your current overall interior style leans, clean-lined lighting fixtures will only serve as a complement to your overall design aesthetic.

Gorgeous Geometry

Circles. Squares. Rectangles. Triangles. Few elements can enhance an interior like geometric shapes. When you utilize these mid-century modern shapes in your designer environment by way of lighting fixtures, the result can be one of stylish fluidity and ease. Look to incorporate a variety of lighting fixture in different geometric shapes for eye-catching visual contrast. Rounded angles work particularly well when contrasted with straight edges.

Honest Materials

Authentic mid-century modern design adheres firmly to the belief that a material should be itself, rather than mimic something else. That is to say metals should be metals, and not plastic masquerading as a metal, for example. When choosing mid-century modern lighting fixtures for your interior, choose fixtures that adhere to this level of authentic material integrity, whether it’s metal, wood, shell, stone or another element. The end result will be one that stands out and that you can be proud of.

The Style of Now

In the age of often mass-produced and uninspired lighting fixtures forged from synthetic materials, the resurgence of mid-century modern lighting is one that you should embrace with an open mind. Top, modern day lighting manufacturers are seamlessly blending mid-century modern style with the latest technologies to bring you lighting that is at once authentic in design and advanced in capability. As this intriguing style of yesteryear quickly becomes the style of now, use it to boldly build the designer interior environment of your dreams.

PRO TIP: When it comes to lighting fixtures, as important as design is quality of light. Some mid-century modern fixtures can be closer to sculptures or art installations than proper sources of light. Always test a fixture for quality light output and overall functionality before committing to use it.

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