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Jul 24, 2019


Mini Pendant Lights to Brighten Up Your Home

It seems so out of the ordinary to use something small to make a big impact in this often “bigger is better” world we live in. Yet, that’s exactly the case for mini pendant lights.

These petite fixtures offer a lot of bang for their buck – especially when you know how and where to use them. But, first, let’s talk about what mini pendant lights exactly are and why these high-performing staples belong in your home.

What Are Mini Pendant Lights?

Mini pendant lights are simply smaller versions of pendant lighting. Like most other ceiling lights, they are suspended in mid-air by an electrical cord, chain or metal rod. Most mini pendants only come with one bulb that directs light straight down. There are, of course, exceptions to every rule. So don’t be surprised to find mini pendants with candelabra bases or an up-light design.

Why Use Mini Pendant Lights?

Mini pendant lights are especially useful for creating ambiance in your foyer or above a dining table. Depending on the light shade (if it has one), you might get a softer, more inviting glow. These fixtures are also ideal for task lighting, as they fit even the tightest corners of your home.

If you’re still not convinced, consider mini pendants purely for their personality. Instead of spending a fortune overhauling your furniture, backsplash, wall color and drapes, consider hanging up a series of mini pendant lights. Because they come in so many unique designs, these pieces can add a ton of pizzazz to your space.

To sum it up, mini pendant lights:

  • are versatile
  • set the tone
  • provide task lighting
  • add personality

Where Are Mini Pendants Most Valuable?

Now that you know why mini pendants are such a powerful tool in interior design, it’s time to put them in their place.


Foyer lighting is both functional and fun, which is why mini pendants are the perfect pieces for this part of your home. These versatile and stylish fixtures provide just enough light to welcome guests, while also setting the tone for your décor. If you have a grand entryway, consider hanging a cluster of mini pendants to fill the space.

Kitchen Island

This food-chopping, buffet-serving centerpiece in your kitchen requires ample task lighting. Add one, three or five mini pendants over the island, and you’ll instantly have the direct light you need to prepare a restaurant-worthy meal.

Pro tip: Odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye.

Breakfast Table

If you have an eat-in-kitchen pressed in the corner, you definitely need a mini pendant hanging overhead. While natural sunlight from a bay window might flood the space during the day, direct light is a must-have when the sun goes down – and your breakfast table becomes a convenient homework desk.

Kitchen Sink

The other prime spot for mini pendant lights is right above your kitchen sink. Again, they fit the space well without overcrowding your window to the backyard or overwhelming the visual weight of the room. Plus, when you’re washing dishes, you’ll have the right task lighting for the job.

Living Room

There are many options for mini pendant lights in your main living area. You can hang one to use as task lighting in a reading nook or you could group a cluster of mini pendants above your coffee table to create an intimate setting for sipping and socializing with friends. In either case, it’s a great way to break up a large living room into dedicated zones for reading, relaxing, entertaining and so on.


Swap your bedside table lamps for mini pendant lights. They will free up precious space while providing all the light you need to read yourself to sleep. By using mini pendants versus chandeliers or oversized fixtures, you maintain a visual balance within the room. For something more out-of-the-box, try hanging several mini pendants directly over your bed. It’s a simple way to add drama and even highlight an interesting headboard.


There are some key rules to hanging bathroom vanity lighting, but you can easily incorporate mini pendants into the scheme. They are most often placed on either side of the mirror or above the sink to round out the task lighting you need to get ready in the morning.

How to Find the Perfect Mini Pendant Lights for Your Home

If you’ve mastered how to pick perfect pendant lights, you’re almost there. The same rules apply to finding the right mini pendants. The only difference is you’ll be looking at smaller fixtures that can fill your space. Below are 10 elegant options, ranging from mid-century modern to farmhouse chic.

10 Perfectly Crafted Mini Pendant Lights

Axis 12 Inch LED Mini Pendant by Elan Lighting

Axis LED Mini Pendant by Elan Lighting

Like the perfect pair of earrings, this two-toned sculpture accessorizes a well-dressed bedroom. The matte black and chrome finishes look glamorous against rich jewel tones and plush furnishings. Place one on either side of the bed frame to create a space that’s balanced in art and in lighting.

Kordan 7 Inch LED Mini Pendant by Elan Lighting

Kordan LED Mini Pendant by Elan Lighting

Black-and-white fixtures are one of the top dining room lighting trends with little chance of fading anytime soon. It’s a classic look, and these modern mini pendant lights are an elegant example of how it can be done. The matte black cones with their polished nickel finish hang just like little bow ties around your dining table or kitchen island bar top.

Feiss Frontage 10 Inch Mini Pendant by Generation Lighting

Frontage Mini Pendant by Feiss

The Edison light bulb may be a callback to yesteryear, but the clear glass shade is a megaphone for modern design. Center it above your desk, and you won’t have to worry about cluttering your workspace.

Kelly By Kelly Wearstler Nodes Large Pendant by Generation Lighting

Kelly by Kelly Wearstler Nodes by Generation Lighting

The Nodes design comes in a long and short version, so you can mix and match for maximum impact. By layering the modern mini pendant lights, you keep the eye moving. Of course, you can also choose just one of these milky covered globe lights to fill a reading nook.

Cairn 6 Inch LED Mini Pendant by Hubbardton Forge

Cairn LED Mini Pendant by Hubbardton Forge

A mid-century modern home can appreciate the nature-inspired elements in the Cairn pendant light. Suspended as if they’re floating in mid-air is a tower of steel stones that come in a wide variety of finishes. No matter which one you choose, make sure you put this conversation piece in a prominent position – like your kitchen island or main living room.

Fritz 3 Inch Mini Pendant by Hubbardton Forge

Fritz Mini Pendant by Hubbardton Forge

This one-of-a-kind fixture takes advantage of the lighting effects created by fused glass fragments. As light reflects off of it, you get a gentle glow that makes any space feel instantly more inviting. Choose an equally warm finish – like mahogany or bronze – for a small foyer or cozy eating area.

Lambert 10 Inch Mini Pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting

Lambert Mini Pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting

The spherical design and white glass shade offer a taste of art deco lighting, especially with that aged-brass top. But choose the nickel finish, and you set a completely different tone for your home. Suddenly, your kitchen island has contemporary accents.

Bloom 6 Inch Mini Pendant by Vermont Modern

Bloom Mini Pendant by Vermont Modern

Have you ever played badminton? The Bloom Mini Pendant is that lightweight birdie flying through over the net. It has movement, air and lots of other winning qualities. The one thing it doesn’t have is limits. Drop several of these modern mini pendants to form a field of blooming light bulbs over your dining room table or beside your bed.

Everly 12 Inch Mini Pendant by Kichler Lighting

Everly Mini Pendant by Kichler Lighting

From the metal rod, all the way down to the curvy glass shade, the Everly 12-Inch Mini Pendant is a timeless fixture. It’s not the type to draw attention, but it will elegantly add plenty of lighting to a small entryway or bathroom vanity.

Emery Mini Pendant by Quoizel Lighting

Another classic piece, the Emery has a beautiful, bell-shaped shade and craftsman accents that are best suited for a hard-working kitchen. Traditional homes will shine with the brushed nickel option. But if your home is more rustic farmhouse, go for the distressed nickel or Palladian bronze.