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Our Top 5 Elegant Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

You don’t have to live in a 10,000-square-foot home to embrace sophisticated design features. Your humble abode deserves a taste of class, too, and no company understands that better than Elegant Furniture & Lighting. This brand designs exquisite home accessories for all styles, moods and – certainly – sizes.

Learn more about the Elegant Lighting brand mission and see how their fixtures can add value to your home’s style.

About Elegant Furniture & Lighting


Elegant Furniture & Lighting is a manufacturer of furniture and lighting. They cater to residential, commercial and hospitality customers with a wide range of stylish interior accessories. You wouldn’t know it from browsing their collection, but Elegant Furniture & Lighting is a relatively new company, having been founded in the year 2000.

They are headquartered in Philadelphia, just a few miles from the Philadelphia Design District in Old City. But because of their quick growth, Elegant Furniture & Lighting also has locations in Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas and High Point, NC. Their presence in these design-centric cities is proof that Elegant Furniture & Lighting has made noticeable strides in the industry and shows no signs of slowing down.


At Elegant Furniture & Lighting, it’s all about expansion. They have made it their lifelong mission to continuously create new and innovative pieces that make an impact in whatever space they call home. According to Elegant Lighting, “Our goal is to ensure that we can offer our customers a diverse selection of products to satisfy their unique and dynamic aspirations and desires.” Elegant Lighting’s designers are always on the hunt, looking for gaps to fill and opportunities to seize.

Lighting Style

The name, Elegant Furniture and Lighting, says it all. This is a company that is the very definition of the word “elegance.” This may be why Elegant is the fastest growing chandelier company in the industry. There’s nothing more elegant than a crystal chandelier.

All the same, the Elegant Lighting brand isn’t limited to only one type of lighting or one kind of material. Their style is a reflection of elegance in motion. As trends change and technology moves forward, Elegant Lighting adopts new finishes and forms. However, you will always see these three components in an Elegant Lighting design: ingenuity, thoughtful detail and quality craftsmanship.

Elegant Lighting Fixtures That Will Elevate Your Home

Elegant Lighting for Farmhouse Style

When you think of farmhouse décor, you probably imagine distressed wood, heavy furnishings, and rustic lighting. But there’s no rule against adding just a twinkle of shimmer to these spaces. In fact, a shiny gold or brass fixture is a great way to add warmth to your casual-cozy room.

What to look for:

  • Warm metals, like golden iron, bronze, and brass
  • Pared-down profiles that favor geometric shapes
  • A light dose of glass or crystal accents

Our favorite farmhouse fixture:

Urban Classic Denmark Mini Pendant

2 Elegant Lighting Denmark Mini Pendants hang over an oversized kitchen island
Image credit: @jscott24

Why do we love it?
Update your farmhouse to the here-and-now with this beautifully crafted pendant. The boxy cage design and exaggerated square chain links are right on trend with geometric lighting, while the open frame aligns with today’s minimalist movement.

Where should you hang it?
Choose the golden iron finish, and light will roar like a fire in your neutral-toned, farmhouse foyer.

Elegant Lighting for Modern Style

In many ways, modern style is innately elegant, thanks in part to polished chrome and shiny brass finishes. By emphasizing these features while also infusing innovation, modern designs are taken to all new heights.

What to look for:

  • Polished metal finishes
  • Clean and, often straight, lines
  • Dramatic layers of light

Our modern pick:

Urban Classic Sydney Flush Mount

Smoky silver crystal accents dangle from the Elegant Lighting Urban Classic Sydney Flush Mount
Image credit: @rh_interior_designs

Why do we love it?
Flapper dress or pleated curtain? No matter what you see in the Urban Classic Sydney Flush Mount, you can expect it to take lighting to dramatic new heights. The double layer of straight-lined crystals diffuse light like the sun itself. And while you might think clear crystals are a clear option, the smoky silver proves to be a total show-stopper.

Where should you hang it?
The flashy Urban Classic Sydney Flush Mount belongs in high-trafficked areas, like an entryway or texture-rich living room.

Elegant Lighting for Traditional Style

Traditional lighting fixtures are characterized by their beautiful, delicate curves – and lots of them. But you don’t necessarily need your chandelier to be that graceful. Sometimes, a heftier frame does a better job of defining your style.

What to look for:

  • Warm neutral finishes, like golden iron and unpolished chrome
  • Quintessential crystal accents
  • Chunkier profiles

Our top traditional pieces:

Primo Pendant

4-tiered Primo Pendant by Elegant Lighting looks opulent even in a grand foyer

Why do we love it?
Like a true traditional fixture, the Primo Pendant is overflowing in opulence. Literally, every tier gets bigger and bigger, as crystals pour over the edges. Eventually, all the yellow glimmer pools at the bottom, like a wishing well fountain.

Where should you hang it?
With this stunner hanging in your foyer, all your wishes will come true.

Aurora Chandelier

Aurora Chandelier by Elegant Lighting adds traditional elements to a modern bathroom

Why do we love it?
The Aurora Chandelier is not just another candelabra. Look closely and you’ll catch the flame-style bulbs burning like a curl of smoke, floating into thin air. Come further in, and see even the crystal accents have accents.

Where should you hang it?
Lean on these never-ending details to set the tone in your modern-traditional master suite or formal dining room.

Elegant Lighting for Contemporary Style

To be elegant in contemporary design is to be one-of-a-kind. There’s no reason to be boring or bashful, which is why it pays to find a fixture that embraces originality and oozes personality.

What to look for:

  • Stainless steel and other sleek finishes
  • Unexpected, organic shapes
  • Artful influences

Our #1 contemporary choice:

Cuvette Chandelier

Round Cuvette Chandelier by Elegant Lighting hovers over light, bright modern living room

Why do we love it?
It may not have an abstract shape, but the Cuvette is full of surprises and will spark your imagination. Take the inside-out crystals, for example. They are so thick and prismatic that you get a full-dimensional design from all angles. Like a UFO hovering above your head, this chandelier will take you to a world you’ve never seen before.

Where should you hang it?
Relax on your living room sofa and let the Cuvette carry you – and all your worries – away.

Upgrade to Elegant

Whether you’re dressing up a rustic farmhouse or elevating a contemporary loft in the city, you can count on these Elegant Lighting fixtures. They will take your home to a level of sophistication that is fit for a royal but designed just for you.