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May 17, 2018

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Outdoor Accent Lighting in Time for Memorial Day

Outdoor accent lighting along a beautiful garden path | Capitol Lighting

Ah, Memorial Day Weekend. The kids playing in the yard. Dogs and burgers smoking on the grill. The sun in the sky and the start of summer fun. Easily one of the most popular ways to ring in the summer is hosting a topnotch Memorial Day barbecue for friends and family. And a backyard gathering is the perfect time to show off your beautiful landscape with lighting. Tasteful outdoor accent lighting allows homeowners to showcase their landscaping and entertain guests well into the evening. Here’s a quick breakdown of everything you need to know about deploying outdoor landscape lighting.

A Quoizel NY8318 Newbury Outdoor Wall Light | Capitol Lighting

Quoizel NY8318 Newbury Outdoor Wall Light

What Is Outdoor Accent Lighting?

In a nutshell, outdoor accent lighting is any kind of illumination that augments primary outdoor lighting sources, such as porch lamps. Outdoor accent fixtures often run on 12-Volt power and can come in all shapes and sizes. Since they’re meant to complement primary light sources, accent lights emphasize diversity of color temperature and light diffusion over total output.

What Kinds of Lighting Fixtures Can I Use for Accent Lighting?

While there are many different kinds of fixtures available for accent lighting purposes, some of the more common examples include:

Wall Lights

Outdoor wall fixtures in the form of sconces are easy to install and provide excellent mood lighting to patio and deck areas. They’re essentially sturdier versions of indoor wall lights that have been constructed to withstand punishing weather. Many outdoor wall lights are made from synthetic materials that aren’t as prone to rust or tarnishing.

Lamps and Lanterns

Lamps and lanterns are some of the most versatile outdoor fixtures around since they can be installed in virtually any location. Pole-mounted lamps and lanterns are commonly found in gardens and along gravel or flagstone paths. Lanterns are especially easy to work with since they can be hung from overhead hooks at any height you choose.

Outdoor step lights shine on stone steps in front of a modern house | Capitol Lighting


A Kichler 16210 C-Series Energy Smart Outdoor Spot Light | Capitol Lighting

Kichler 16210 C-Series Energy Smart Outdoor Spot Light

How to Set Up Outdoor Accent Lights in Your Yard

Settle on the Purpose of Your Accent Lighting

Different outdoor fixtures are specifically designed for different applications. As such, it’s important to match your fixtures with the task at hand. For instance, in-ground lights focused upward are great at illuminating trees and creating a halo effect. Figure out what you want out of your lighting choices before committing to any specific hardware.

Sketch Out Your Landscape Lighting Scheme Beforehand

If you try to pack too many different kinds of fixtures into a backyard, the results will look busy and incoherent. When it comes to outdoor lighting layouts, less can sometimes be more, but it will depend on your yard and your design scheme. Consult with a professional outdoor lighting vendor to solidify your plans before you start shopping for fixtures to install.

Come Up With a Sensible Outdoor Lighting Budget

As with any home improvement project, implementing an outdoor lighting scheme can escalate above your budget if you don’t have a plan and stick to it. Set a budget that you’re comfortable with and tailor your game plan around that figure. The good news is that outdoor fixtures can be a better deal if you watch for sales.

Install the Fixtures According to Manufacturer Specifications

Whether you’re installing path lighting or tree lighting, you’ll get the best results if you install fixtures according to vendor recommendations. For instance, some fixtures are less resistant to water immersion than others and shouldn’t be placed near pools or fountains. Have a professional installer tackle the job if you’re not up to it.

A Hinkley Lighting 16701 Hardy Island Well Light

Hinkley Lighting 16701 Hardy Island Well Light

A Few Choice Outdoor Accent Fixtures Worth Looking At

Quoizel NY8318 Newbury Outdoor Wall Light

Available in a variety of finishes including Aged Copper, Polished Brass and Pewter, this outdoor wall light exudes class and refinement. Featuring clear beveled glass and three 60-Watt incandescent bulbs, it produces rich illumination for deck and patio areas.

Kichler 16210 C-Series Energy Smart Outdoor Spot Light

If versatility is what you seek from an outdoor fixture, this Kichler C-Series model is a brilliant pick. Boasting a textured finish in bronze or black, it comes with either a 3000K or 4000K LED bulb that produces 425 lumens while drawing a mere 5.3 Watts.

Hinkley Lighting 16701 Hardy Island Well Light

One of the toughest outdoor lights available, the Hardy Island 4-Inch Well Light can be installed anywhere. Thanks to its waterproof PVC construction, it’s ideal for lighting pool areas. The included 20-watt halogen bulb delivers ambiance in spades.

The Right Memorial Day Outdoor Lighting for Every Home

</br> landscape lighting can easily boost your property’s charm and beauty especially when the right accent lighting is chosen to augment your ambient design. The outdoor accent lighting ideas mentioned above are a good start but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. If you do some research and consult your lighting experts, you’ll find many other brilliant ways to light your yard during Memorial Day celebrations.

– The Capitol Lighting Team

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