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Set the Mood With These Dining Room Lighting Ideas by Kichler

Cleara 53 Inch 14 Light Linear Suspension Light by Kichler Lighting

With today’s homeowners vying for open living spaces, it feels like formal dining rooms are fading out of floor plans. But the truth is, you don’t need four walls to host an intimate dinner party. What defines your main eating area are the furnishings, the light fixtures and, of course, the family and friends you gather together. These dining room lighting ideas will have you ready to prioritize that space.

As the “bring people together” company, Kichler Lighting knows a thing or two about creating cherished spaces. Just take a look at the 10 dining room lighting ideas below. Not only do they each add a layer of luxury to your home, but their inviting glow guarantees you’ll make a lifetime of lasting memories at your dinner table.

Why Kichler Lighting

Kichler Lighting was born in 1938 in the U.S. but has since become a globally recognized brand in the industry. Through the decades, Kichler has remained focused on serving its community of homeowners and design professionals. The ultimate mission at Kichler is to strengthen its customer bonds and the bonds they, then, share with their friends and family at home.

Kichler Lighting achieves this mission by continuously developing innovative, high-quality lighting products. In fact, they have the only class 4 lab in the U.S., where they diligently test their lighting designs. This testing ensures each fixture meets verified specifications and safety standards, so you’re sure to get the high-quality lighting products you deserve.

Whether you’re looking for landscape lighting to illuminate your backyard or wall sconces to line your upstairs hallway, Kichler offers endless options to meet your needs. Kichler also caters to a broad range of design styles, including:

  • Art deco
  • Contemporary
  • Mid-century modern
  • Modern farmhouse
  • Nautical coastal
  • Traditional

While Kichler Lighting may not be defined by one distinctive style or influence, you still know it’s a Kichler fixture because of the impact it makes within your home. By using different lighting effects, Kichler Lighting completely transforms the look and feel of a space. Of course, this type of mood-setting is no more important than in your dining room.

How to Choose the Perfect Dining Room Lighting

Dining room lighting trends are important, but they aren’t the only deciding factor. When choosing a fixture, you’ll also want to consider the mood, size, and style that best complement your home. Follow these three steps, and you’ll find the perfect fixture to hang over your dining room table.

1. Select the mood you want

The mood in your dining space is what sets it apart from the rest of your house. That doesn’t mean you have to always have a candle-lit ambiance. Your dining room lighting can create a number of different effects.

At Kichler, they focus on three different lighting effects for the dining room: romantic glow, calming aura, and energetic brilliance. You, too, can use these tones as a guide. The romantic glow, for instance, means your fixture provides soft, muted light – similar to candlelight. But, if you prefer to keep your dinner parties lively, you might choose a brighter light fixture that can fill your entire space with energy.

2. Determine the size you need

This may seem obvious. But when you’re enamored with a fixture, you might easily overlook the fact that it only has one light bulb and you have a 10-person dining table.

To account for this, simply measure the length and width of your dining room. Take those two numbers (in feet) and add them together. Whatever that number is in feet, you will change it to inches and shop for a fixture with a similar diameter. For example, a 10-by-12 room adds up to 22 feet. Those 22 feet become 22 inches, which is the width of a proportional fixture.

Also, think about the shape of your dining room table. An elongated light fixture will cover the span of a rectangular table, while drum pendant or candelabra chandelier fits nicely over a round table.

3. Find the style that works

While you want your dining room light fixture to make a profound statement, it can’t stray too far from your home’s deep-rooted personality. For instance, a charming rustic lighting scheme won’t mesh well with a mid-century modern design.

With that said, take a look around your home. You should be able to easily identify the theme throughout, based on your color palette, furniture, and décor accessories. Once you’ve established your primary style, it’s time to shop!

10 Dining Room Lighting Ideas Brought to You by Kichler

Because of Kichler’s commitment to the lighting experience, they offer some of the best dining room lighting ideas. Below are 10 that will blow you away. To make it super-simple, they are all separated by style, so you’re sure to find a fixture that sets the right tone.

Traditional Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Thisbe 27 Inch 6 Light Chandelier by Kichler Lighting

1. Thisbe Chandelier by Kichler Lighting

The white linen shades are a classic adornment, but they are hardly the whole story. What really speaks volumes in this design are the deep, dramatic curves that add visual interest to an otherwise traditional piece. If you really want to turn up the impact, go for the natural brass finish. It will fill up a large formal dining room.

Silver Coral 22 Inch Large Pendant by Kichler Lighting

2. Silver Coral Pendant by Kichler Lighting

Subtle details are the cornerstone of Kichler’s updated traditional designs, and the Silver Coral is a beautiful example of that. You get a delicate layer of natural movement that mimics the irregularity of its namesake coral. Meanwhile, the white drum shade underneath helps soften the light for an inviting discussion over an equally round table.

Dancar 48 Inch 8 Light Linear Suspension Light by Kichler Lighting

3. Dancar Linear Suspension Light by Kichler Lighting

When traditional elements accent a contemporary base, you get the Dancar Linear Suspension Light. Its square sections have a futuristic appeal, which is then amplified by the square microfiber lampshades. That said, choose the polished nickel finish and you’ll add a touch of sheen to your traditional wood furnishings.

Contemporary Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Cleara 53 Inch 14 Light Linear Suspension Light by Kichler Lighting

4. Cleara Linear Suspension Light by Kichler Lighting

Similar to the definition of contemporary design, the Cleara is a little ambiguous. Its clean lines are clearly a new-age influence, but the ribbed glass shades are pulled straight from the art deco decade. Whether you have a contemporary setting or transitional dining room design, use the Cleara to create warmth and comfort.

Stella 26 Inch 9 Light Chandelier by Kichler Lighting

5. Stella Chandelier by Kichler Lighting

Who needs million-dollar views when you have the Stella Chandelier? The elongated glass shades are staggered in such an artful way that they actually mirror the silhouette of a city landscape. Between the shiny chrome finish and nine incandescent light bulbs, this sleek design is a bright choice for your contemporary condo in the sky.

Hyvo 32 Inch LED Large Pendant by Elan Lighting

6. Hyvo LED Pendant by Kichler Lighting

If this three-ring LED pendant looks like it’s shooting beams from a flying saucer, that’s because it’s a fixture on a mission. The Hyvo not only transforms your dining space but will transport your dinner guests to a whole new galaxy with its mesmerizing form.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Tollis 16 Inch Large Pendant by Kichler Lighting

7. Tollis Pendant by Kichler Lighting

At first glance, the metal cage and glossy dome suggest this is a vintage factory relic. But take a closer look, and you’ll notice the high-quality materials are a Kichler Lighting original. Hang three across your vaulted ceiling, and those pendants will work hard to help you unwind.

Marimount 38 Inch 5 Light Linear Suspension Light by Kichler Lighting

8. Marimount Chandelier by Kichler Lighting

The Marimount’s wood-look frame is an ode to handmade structures, which is why this linear chandelier complements an industrial loft as well as it does a chunky farmhouse table. The best part, though, is that the five clear, hurricane-glass covers provide ample light even when natural sun can’t get in.

Mid-century Modern Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Marilyn 34 Inch 6 Light Multi Light Pendant by Kichler Lighting

9. Marilyn Chandelier by Kichler Lighting

The Marilyn Chandelier is a hanging contradiction; it’s straight and curvy, matte and shiny, old and new. But that’s exactly what makes this whimsical piece so versatile. When paired with wall sconces and other accent lights, the Marilyn bubbles up with energy.

10. Linara Chandelier by Kichler Lighting

Minimalism is an attractive quality, especially when you’re talking about the Linara Chandelier. Its slatted black shade gives a sexy sneak-peek at the simplest six-light candelabra, which emits just enough glow to see the table. When it comes to romance, you’ll fall in love with the Linara.

We hope you were inspired by these gorgeous dining room lighting ideas by Kichler Lighting. Now, go create that space you’re dreaming about!