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The Essence of Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your home at night

You’ve seen your house a thousand times before, but for some reason, tonight, on a clear, crisp evening, it’s as if you’re seeing it for the first time. You’re the kind of person who takes pride in their work and relishes in that sense of accomplishment you get when you know you’ve done well. Tonight, this house which is your home, gives you the same satisfaction.

And why shouldn’t it? You know that you’ve spent hours toiling over the landscaping and lighting design of the house. What others may have thought a frivolous pursuit are now surely awash in jealousy; agonizing over every detail with a singular focus as if it were the only thing that mattered in that very moment has truly paid off.

Sound appealing? Some well placed lighting can serve to either light your way, accent features or create a stunning aesthetic atmosphere for your home. When you take care of your home; you notice, and so do others. Don’t keep yourself in the dark without outdoor home lighting! Here are some tips and tricks to light up the outside of your home with fixtures.

Outdoor Lighting Options

There are plenty of options available when choosing to illuminate the outside of your home, but not all options are the right ones. Paying attention small details can make a big difference in the curb appeal and aesthetics of your house. For example, subtle garden lighting and path lights ensure that you can find your way to your door without having to resort to treating your home like a stadium. The goal is to make the light work for the design of the house and yard, not in spite of it.

Some well-placed accent lighting can also create a perfect nighttime landscape in your yard. Outdoor spotlights can be a terrific way to highlight a certain wall or face of the house without being too overbearing. This works especially well on stone or brick, but can also be very nice with traditional siding as well. A perfectly placed outdoor spotlight creates a beautiful wall wash, illuminating the front of the house below your bedroom like a lighthouse bringing a ship back to port. Not even the trees are ignored. Indeed, your arboreal companions are lighted like the wonderful accents you know them to be during the day. Their stoic, natural beauty shines through with well lights to perfectly accent their best features.

Fixture Brightness

You make sure you take good care of your lawn so it looks nice during the day, so it might not be a bad idea to bring that hard work into view at night, too. Any trees in your yard would are the perfect candidate for some well lights to perfectly accent their best features. Of course, it’s important that you take the light output into consideration as well. Too strong of a light and you run the risk of washing out the natural beauty of the home, but going too light may not do anything at all. This part is up to personal preference, and you always will want to do what looks best for you, but try not to go too bright.

After all, you’re the type of person known for their attention to detail, so why be subject to something so simple as brightness? It is the value that the light provides for its surroundings, and arbitrarily increasing the amount of light can be contrary to the idea. Why should your house, even your front lawn, suffer under the harsh lighting of poorly placed, over-powered fixtures?

Make sure your house gets the proper lighting it deserves. Not just from the inside, but from the outside as well. Increasing the visual presence of your home at night can be a sure-fire way to satisfy even the most careful and well-trained eye, and there are plenty of options and styles available.

PRO TIP: Why should your house, even your front lawn, suffer under the harsh lighting of poorly placed, poorly lit, or over-powered fixtures? The value and importance of outdoor lighting and the light it provides for its surroundings is immense to not only one’s comfort and security but overall value of a home.

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Selecting the correct outdoor lighting increases not only the value of a home but the level of security and comfort that is experienced.