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The World of Track Lighting Configurations

Track lighting provides a contemporary vibe throughout your home

Track lighting? If you think it sounds so yesterday, you’re in for a surprise. has a fabulous selection to suit dozens of lighting needs throughout your home. The new world of modern track lighting encompasses both task lighting and designer configurations that make your intimate living spaces absolutely glow. Find out how these versatile fixtures can transform shadowy areas into inviting, well-lit and usable space.

Track Lighting Systems

Adjustable, individual lights arranged on a bar first appeared in the 1960’s in commercial and retail locations. People liked the ability to aim the individual lighting heads to shine on specific workstations or products. Although modern track lighting shares the same basic components as its earlier incarnations — a fixed rail or bar and a number of lighting heads — it offers significant advantages in terms of updated home decor.

A Spectrum of Track Head Styles

Lighting heads set the style for your track fixtures, and you will find a number of profiles at Four of the most basic styles are:

• The step head light: This iconic track head style features a cylinder-shaped shaft that widens to a can-style bulb surround.

• The pinhole head light: It has a perforated metal back that partially exposes the head. The pinhole head light is a minimalist design that adds a stylish yet utilitarian aspect to your bath, kitchen or home office.

• The gimbal head light: It looks like a stubby flashlight with a big lens. With its traditional profile and industrial-style cachet, the gimbal head light is perfect for your home office, workshop or hobby room.

• Round back light: This profile is probably the sleekest, so you might choose it for your bedroom, living room or wherever you want lighting with a streamlined look. The round back light is cylinder-shaped with a convex end.

With manufacturers like WAC Lighting, Nuvo Lighting and Tech Lighting available at, you can zero in on the right fit for your decorating scheme and your space. You’ll also find track fixtures from some of your favorite manufacturers, including Kichler and Schonbek.

Updated Bars and Rails

Unlike the old-fashioned rigid track slides that held lighting heads firmly in place, updated options in track hardware enhance this lighting style’s contemporary air. Of course, you can still buy linear track lights that are great for tight spaces, but you can also select flexible track lighting, cable track lighting and suspended track lighting too.

How to Get Your Home on the Right Track

Instantly transform a room for a special event with plug in track lighting. Choose colored LED lights for a festive glow — no electrical skills required.

Choose elegant in-line track lighting pendants that provide extra illumination while upgrading your decorating scheme. Pendant track lighting lowers your ceiling height with more directed light. Track light accessories such as pendant extenders let you fine-tune your installation.

Try black track lighting as a focal point in a white ceiling. The stark contrast of light and dark reflects your avant-garde aesthetic.

The best feature of the amazing in-line fixture selection at is its versatility. Choose long or short tracks, curved tracks or straight bars, suspended track lighting or ceiling-mounted fixtures. Many of these modern fixtures are energy savers, too, so you don’t have to worry about paying more for brighter, more vibrant living spaces.

PRO TIP: Not all track light heads are compatible with all tracks and track lighting accessories. Look for components from the same manufacturer, similar voltage – line or low – and the same type of power adapter when configuring your fixtures.

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If you want to keep your fixture installation as simple as possible, consider a kit from EGLO Lighting. It comes with everything you need to get your track light fixture up and running, and you have several distinctive styles to choose from.