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Bridging Tradition and Innovation with Hubbardton Forge’s Lighting Design

Tradition and innovation. It sounds like a paradox—the two typically don’t go hand in hand.

But it’s the seamless blend of these two tenets that gives Hubbardton Forge its edge in the art of lighting design. Known for its dedication to time-honored blacksmithing techniques, cutting-edge technology and contemporary aesthetics, every piece embodies the idea of modern craftsmanship.

Hubbardton Forge’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

Hubbardton Forge celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. For half of a century, the Hubbardton Forge team has designed and built their lighting designs in Castleton, Vermont, with one team under one roof. The company operates one of the country’s oldest and largest commercial forges, where it uses the classic art of blacksmithing alongside modern technology, style, and design to create lighting that speaks to a wide range of styles. But you won’t find mass production happening here—every fixture is handcrafted to order using tools that were created in-house.

The entire Hubbardton Forge collection is anchored in an ethos of “your style, your vision,” which illustrates the company’s limitless approach to design. The styles found in Hubbardton Forge lighting range from traditional to modern to transitional (and all of the styles in between) and come in 11 standard finishes and multiple configuration options, creating possibilities for any aesthetic.

The versatility of styles is rooted in the versatility of Hubbardton Forge’s design team. It’s comprised of an architect, a jeweler, a sculptor, an engineer, an industrial designer, and a self-proclaimed tech geek. Together, they explore form and function in a new direction of design.

Artisans then bring those ideas to life in the 1800-degree fires of the forge, bending and shaping red-hot pieces of metal into wildly unexpected pieces that meld old-world craftsmanship with new-world appeal. The forms of the metal are artistic achievements in themselves, from the hands of the dedicated craftsmen who make each piece one at a time.

Your Style, Your Vision: Hubbardton Forge’s Latest Designs

Hubbardton Forge recently released a collection of new designs that epitomize its 50 years of crafting unique pieces for every style. Here are a few highlights that showcase their signature creativity.

Going beyond the call of duty for a table lamp, this Crest Accent Lamp by Hubbardton Forge doubles as a work of art. It was inspired by the power of rolling ocean waves, with a hammered steel base cresting over the globe shade—evocative of the ebb and flow of the sea. Designer Jason Hancock wanted to capture the ocean’s strength and grace, with organic, flowing lines and contours.

It’s easy to see the architectural references in the clean lines of this Cypress Linear Suspension Light. Reminiscent of an arched hallway or a linear aqueduct, it brings classic shapes to a fresh form and plays with the tension between dark and light. There’s also impeccable attention to detail, seen in the rough inner edges of each steel arch that creates a sparkle when lit. Each of the 5 pendants can also be adjusted individually in height and alignment, creating a range of aesthetic possibilities.

The movement and flow of the Mika Wall Sconce may remind you of a dancer sweeping across a stage. The fixture was indeed named for designer Ori Goldberg’s daughter, whose grace as a dancer inspired him in the design. Floral-inspired glass shades appear to bloom from the handcrafted steel, creating an eye-catching interplay between the shapes and materials. Each glass shade is made in Venice from Soiva Italian glass, with a glossy outer surface and a frosted interior to create a unique texture.

With its modern edge on a classic shape, the Triomphe Outdoor Lantern exhibits the best of both worlds. Its intersecting arches draw from a traditional caged chandelier while minimal, frosted glass tubes err on the contemporary side, making the design feel right at home in a variety of settings. The accompanying Triomphe Outdoor Wall Lights help provide depth to the entryway. Like all of Hubbardton Forge’s outdoor collection, these fixtures is available in a range of coastal finishes, which meet the highest standard in weather resistance.

This is a functional showpiece. The star of the Volterra Linear Suspension Light is its pieces of alabaster stone, each with natural variations in color and texture. The stone was favored by ancient Egyptian sculptors and artisans for its soft, translucent qualities, which is exactly where it shines in this design. With a wash of up and down light, illumination passes through the stone to create a soft, warm (and stunning!) glow.

This latest collection exemplifies Hubbardton Forge’s decades-long pursuit of bridging the old and the new. That approach to lighting is more than simple illumination—it is art.