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Innovative Renovation Ideas for Small Kitchens

When searching for small kitchen renovation ideas, consider changing your lighting. Elevating your lighting fixtures is one of the most creative ways to spruce up this essential space. Not only will lighting bring enhanced vibrance to the room, but it can also help to accentuate the architectural characteristics and draw focus to other unique features you’re proud of. By using the following lighting strategies to embellish your kitchen, you can create an inviting feel that suits your aesthetic and adds visual appeal to focused areas.

At Capitol Lighting, we’re happy to present you with a few examples of how to use different types of lighting to bring your small kitchen renovation ideas to life. Let’s take a look at a few types of kitchen lighting fixtures and how they can boost the ambiance without taking up too much space.

The Power of Under-Cabinet Lighting for Small Kitchens

Installing under-cabinet lighting is one of the most useful techniques to improve the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Because these fixtures are small, efficient, and able to be spaced apart, they evenly distribute illumination across all surfaces, eliminating potential shadows and helping the overall area to feel more spacious. They also aid in tasks like food preparation, navigating storage, and maintaining cleanliness, as this type of lighting is able to spotlight key task areas.


In this stylish kitchen, we see under-cabinet strategies playing a huge role in the distribution of concentrated lighting over the countertops thanks to the Countermax 12 Inch LED Light Bar by Maxim Lighting. Accompanied by the elegant Herkimer 17.5 Inch Large Pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting, the layering effect between the two lighting types creates a uniform radiance throughout the space. 

Space-Saving Illumination with Recessed and Flush Mount Fixtures

Some smaller kitchens may also have lower ceilings, so flush mounts are effective options that provide a bright and sufficient glow for all the activities in the area. Wall sconces are also a great choice that provides task lighting in specific areas. Although more subtle in design, these fixtures’ ample lighting and unobtrusive nature help to distribute illumination evenly while preserving physical space.

In some cases, flush or even recessed lighting can be used to focus lighting in different zones, and potential dimming capabilities make these fixtures dynamic additions to smaller kitchens.

In a narrow kitchen with less maneuverability, the Latham Flush Mount by Progress Lighting presents a close-to-ceiling option that shines graciously. In this eccentric room with wood accents and a neutral color scheme, the white art glass and vintage gold finish effortlessly add character in a striking, geometric form.

If you’re renovating a modern kitchen and looking for eclectic designs, the Alora Mood Nora 8 Inch Wall Sconce is a fanciful fixture that is as decorative as it is impactful when placed on the kitchen wall. Comprised of opal matte glass and surrounded by vintage-inspired metallic elements, the sconce draws attention due to its distinct form and function.

In more compact settings, the Glenn Wall Swing Lamp by Savoy House helps direct focused lighting downward in areas where your other fixtures may not be capable of reaching. This can be extremely useful in kitchens with high ceilings, alongside cabinets, or even in corners of the room.

How Pendant Lights Add Style without Sacrificing Space

Because pendant lighting comes in so many diverse styles and designs, there are plenty of smaller fixtures that are sure to fit in nicely with your kitchen décor. Small pendants add a touch of artistry while also exuding the homeowner’s character in a more vibrant way. When hung in a place that adheres to scale and perfectly fills the room with light, these types of fixtures serve as a greater focal point that manifests a functional yet visual appeal on its own.

Many small kitchens will also incorporate a small dining space in their vicinity, and the Latham Large Pendant by Progress Lighting is a gorgeous piece that shows how a modern, decorative fixture can simultaneously illuminate the table and the surrounding area. Even when not turned on, the pendant is met with natural light that peers in through the window, allowing the white art glass and brushed nickel to shimmer.

If you have a standalone kitchen island, fixtures like the Alora Mood Bordeaux LED Mini Pendant are perfect for achieving the desired gleam. Shown here with a brushed nickel finish and clear ribbed glass, these ornate lighting arrangements contribute to the décor as much as they are vitalizing the room.

Mirrors and Shiny Surfaces to Expand Your Space

Since mirrors reflect light across the various surfaces in your kitchen, they can create the impression of a brighter and more spacious feel. Coupled with polished countertops, glossy cabinets, or even shiny stainless-steel appliances, the reflective properties of these designs can help increase the spectacle of the room. Adorning your kitchen with intriguing elements like decorative mirrors can help invigorate the area by enhancing the allure of your chosen lighting fixtures.


For extra flare and individuality, the Kuzco Lighting Eerie 47 Inch LED Linear Suspension Light is a marvelous fixture. Not only does it complement the interior design and capture attention, but it also acts as a universal luminary positioned above the counter. It also offers an adjustable, diffusing glow to anyone sitting beneath, doing dishes, or even sitting in the adjoining room, allowing you to set the mood.

If you’re on the hunt for the best lighting to renovate the small kitchen in your home, Capitol Lighting’s 2024 digital catalog showcases a wide variety of fixtures in every shape, size, and finish you can imagine. Effortlessly browse the different collections we feature online, or stop by one of our premier showrooms today and check out our selection for yourself. With Capitol Lighting, we’ll help you curate the vision for your kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of.