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Mar 15, 2016

Lighting by Room

7 Lighting Trends for 2016

2016 is well under way and we have seen new, exciting lighting designs and trends emerging already. From new metallic and gold leaf finishes to hand-crafted forged metal with intricate designs the new styles arriving are already a crowd-pleaser.

We’re sure the new styles will light up your home, check out our top picks!

Top 7 Lighting Design Trends for 2016

The Statement Piece - Capitol LightingFeatured: LBL Lighting Facette Mini Pendant 

1. The Statement Piece
Everyone is looking for that combination of hand-crafted and unique decorative illumination that will define their style. One-of-a-kind, unique designs finished in iron or metal are in high demand.

Oversized Chandelier - Capitol LighitngFeatured: Corbett Lighting Crescendo Pendant

2. The Outstanding and Oversized
Over dining areas, workstations and in large entry foyers, our clients are looking for grander centerpieces to showcase the light.  Top vendors are rising to the challenge and proving that bigger is better!

Blue Hues - Capitol LightingFeatured: Dimond Lighting Blue Ceramic Table Lamp

3. The Blue Hue
From navy to baby, blue hues are coming up strong. Cool blue with the visual tenacity of steel and slate are blending well with organic home décor. Deep navy and rich flowery blues are adding just the right pop of color to design ensembles.

Metallic  - Capitol LightingFeatured: Murray Feiss Khloe LED Large Pendant

4. The Metallic Finish
From cool modern industrial to dazzling crystal chandeliers, lighting fixtures are sporting a mix of Stainless Steel, Polished Chrome and Antique Silver paired elegantly with Gold Leaf, Copper and Brass finishes.

Geometric- Capitol LightingFeatured: Corbett Lighting Houdini Foyer Pendant

 5. The Nostalgic Nuances
Retro-designs of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s continue to bring it, with classic, structured style. Geometric shapes are making a huge comeback in various lighting designs and home decor.

Multiple Minis - Capitol LightingFeatured: LBL Lighting Mekanic Energy Smart Mini Pendants

6. The Multiple Minis
Installed at varying heights and in combinations of two or more, mini pendants add a terrific attention-grabbing design feature over night tables, breakfast nooks, kitchen islands or in entry foyers.

LED - Capitol LightingFeatured: Murray Feiss Kenney Energy Smart Wall Scone

7. The Energy Efficient
The brighter, whiter light of LEDs, cost and energy-savings from LED are making LED fixtures a popular item in 2016. The lifespan on an LED lightbulb is approximately 20 years – talk about never changing a lightbulb again!

Which top trend are you most likely to try in 2016?