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Feb 2, 2014

Lighting by Room

7 Tips for Getting Close to the Ceiling and Updating with Flush Fixtures

Find the Right Close-to-Ceiling Fixture for a Big Super Bowl Finish

New close-to-ceiling fixtures with marvelous novel finishes and unique bowl-type compositions are simply spectacular this year.  Take a look at a few of the big winners that are presenting affordable and excellent options to socket to you….

“Regency” from ELK’s Trump Home collection

2156-2 ELK Regency FM from Trump Home collection

“ChesterfieldPennington” from Livex Lighting

6523-01 bigger pic of ChesterfieldPennington

“Millburn Manor” from Livex Lighting

5484-58 Millburn Manor FM from Livex

Elegant Antique White close-to-ceiling fixture from ELK Lighting comes with an adaptor to convert a recessed fixture into a flush-mount fixture.

20110-2 Antique White FM from ELK

A new take on the traditional from Nuvo Lighting pairs clear ribbed glass with an Old Bronze finish

76-608 FM in Old Bronze from Nuvo Lighting

“Livingston” from Murray Feiss, a Restoration-Vintage style featuring a High Gloss Gray/Polished Nickel finish with Sandblast glass bowl.

fm402hgg_pn Livingston FM from Feiss

 7 Top Tips for the Best Close-to-Ceiling Illumination

  1. Close-to-ceiling fixtures are perfect for ambient illumination, adding safety and security in hallways, providing a soft general illumination to bedrooms and bathrooms; decorative close-to-ceiling fixtures are even making a grand replacement for the chandelier, adding a conservative, yet sophisticated elegance to the modern dining room.
  2. Shop around to find the perfect fit.  Although they may look out-of-place in rooms with cathedral ceilings, close-to-ceiling fixtures are adding a distinct dimension to dining areas, as well as powder rooms, hallways, closets and master bedrooms.  Whether your fashion sense leans toward ornate and traditional or minimalistic and organic, you have a vast selection from which to choose with new close-to-ceiling fixture styles this year.
  3. Size it up right…

• If you are using a close-to-ceiling fixture as the central light source in your room: Add the width and length measurements of your room in feet, then convert this number to inches to find the correct diameter for your fixture.  For example, if your room measurements are 12 feet by 14 feet:  12 +14=26 feet, look for a ceiling fixture that is around 26 inches in diameter.

•If you are choosing flush mount fixtures for a hallway, go with smaller fixtures that are equally spaced along the corridor.

 4.  Look for bulbs that are non-glare and energy-efficient.

Never before have there been so many choices. From LED bulbs to vintage-style decorative bulbs, find the right light source according to your fixture.  Where bulbs are enclosed in a close-to-ceiling fixture, find soft white light sources that are compatible with your light fixture; where the light source will be visible, add to the decorative element in your close-to-ceiling fixture with novelty lamps that coordinate with fixture style.

5.  Take into account specific height requirements—Whether you opt for a flush or semi-flush fixture will depend upon the height of your ceilings and the height of individuals in your home. Semi-flush fixtures generally hang between 4-8 inches from the ceiling, so it may be better to go with a fixture that is shallow and directly flush to the ceiling with low to standard height ceilings.

6.  Look for close-to-ceiling fixtures that complement existing fixtures.  If you have a large central foyer fixture, decorative wall sconces and/or chandeliers, choose flush mount fixtures that will  carry on a  specific style element or unique finish to create a unified flow.

 7.  Consider Optimum Illumination.  Close-to-ceiling lights that provide uplight, as well as downlight are excellent in rooms requiring plentiful illumination. If your central ceiling fixture will be the primary light source for your room, opt for a more open-type of fixture that will deliver more light.

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or to see all new close-to-ceiling and flush mount fixtures. Check out  the latest novel finishes and unique compositions from the International Market in Dallas.