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May 3, 2024

Lighting by Room

Adding Sparkle to Your Bathroom with Trendy Bathroom Fixtures

Splendid bathroom lighting is a sign of exceptionally thorough interior design. In a room that can often be overlooked, trendy bathroom fixtures play an essential role in providing ample light for anyone taking the time to freshen up. These styles of fixtures can usually be found above a vanity in order to enhance the use of the mirror, making them a decorative form of task lighting.

Adorning this area with quality illumination inherently allows for comfort in privacy, whether you’re applying cosmetics, fixing your hair, or handling any other self-care activities. Good lighting helps us know our appearance is up to our personal standards, so in this blog, we’ll discuss why trendy bathroom fixtures are so helpful and how choosing ones that coordinate with your bathroom design can truly elevate the aura for anyone using the facilities.

Why Trendy Bathroom Fixtures Are So Appealing

One thing décor experts love about the different types of bathroom lighting is their versatility. These fixtures can complement both traditional and modern aesthetics and come in a variety of sleek, unique styles that will easily match the other features and hardware in your bathroom. Because their illumination is subtle and inviting, they exude a gentle sensation that’s as functional as it is elegant.

@collectivedesignbuild, photography by @thisisnickdotcom

This contemporary Julien 26-inch 4-light LED Bath Vanity Light by Hudson Valley Lighting has a simple yet plush design, highlighted by its shiny metallic finish. Polished opal diffusers gently disperse the light from the LED bulbs evenly, highlighting the vertical layout of the white tiled walls in this bright mid-century modern bathroom. Julien’s satellite shades give it an intriguing presence.

Choosing the Perfect Fixture for Your Bathroom Design

At Capitol Lighting, we have tons of different options perfectly suitable for your home’s bathroom design, but there will be a few things to consider before shopping. First and foremost, determine the number of bathroom lighting fixtures you need, along with the correct size and scale for your particular wall. Next, settle on a shape and color that fits your concept, as well as the strength of luminescence. Since the variety of finishes available makes these fixtures incredibly adaptable, designers often add layers to bathroom lighting for extra glamour and visual interest.


Bathroom sconces come in a variety of styles, and although the Hinkley Lighting Ana 25 Inch Wall Sconce is more traditional in form, you will notice this vibrant pink bathroom is anything but. However, because of the Heritage brass finish, the metal matches seamlessly with the faucet. As the light shines through the heavy, faceted crystal shade, the Ana displays glamour that’s easy on the eyes as you look into the heart-shaped mirror.

How to Position Bathroom Fixtures for Optimal Lighting

As we pointed out earlier, bathroom wall lighting can be as simple or dynamic as you’d like, and various fixtures are versatile enough to give you options. Whether you only require one, want to space out a few along the wall, or choose to display them vertically or horizontally, these fixtures can accommodate your preferences. They are also quite easy to pair with additional lighting in your bathroom, such as pendants and chandeliers., photography by @snowchimp_creative

If you’re looking for a brilliant fixture to bring out the architectural features in your bathroom, the ET2 Lighting Interval 8 Inch LED Mini Pendant uses sculptural designs of intersecting panels in ellipses and spheres. With its brushed satin brass color, the ET2’s LED lighting strips form a double raceway around the perimeter to cast down a bright glow. With adjustable capabilities, you see two fixtures hung from different heights here above the modern sink configuration.

Pairing Bathroom Fixtures with Mirrors

The most popular items to pair in a bathroom are those with metallic properties, and when talking about coordination in particular, it’s quite common that lighting fixtures align with the color of the mirror. This is usually due to their close proximity, but you also want to adhere to a cohesive theme on the wall, even if there’s other variation elsewhere in the room. When the mirror and fixtures work together in tandem, you hardly notice this was a tactical design choice.

@emilyandcointeriors, Photography by @laurenanzevino

In this beautiful blue bathroom, two Tara 30 Inch Wall Sconces by Mitzi are highlighted on either side of the sink. Because the oval-shaped mirror is front and center, the bronze border easily matches the sconces, but it doesn’t stop there — the faucet, towel ring, soap dispenser, and even the outlet cover all fall in line with the theme. Once you notice the gold accents of the wall art, you can’t help but admire the thoughtful intention of the overall design.

If you’re looking to add a bit of style and personality to any of your home’s bathrooms, wall sconces are a great way to do it. Shop our 2024 catalog online to view our full range of trendy bathroom fixtures or stop by one of our showrooms today and check out these items in person. With Capitol’s inventory, any bathroom can quickly achieve its own unique sparkle.