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Capitol Answers: How Large Should your Chandelier Be?

Capitol Lighting and are committed to answering your questions about design, light fixture placement and provide other helpful hints and suggestions when decorating your home.
Nobody likes getting up from the dinner table only to get smacked or bumped in the head on an oversized chandelier above the table. So, how can you avoid bumping your head? Choose chandeliers that fit your room and dining table properly with this simple calculation:
Take the measurements of your dining room. If your dining room is 16 feet long by 14 feet wide, add 16+14= 30, Use the number 30 in inches for the maximum sized chandelier for that room. Another great tip for hanging your chandelier is to take into account the table height. Measure 5 feet from the floor and this is an average of where the bottom of the chandelier should be. Capitol Lighting and also suggest measuring 30 inches from the table height as another way to measure the height for hanging your chandelier.
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