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Find a Fabulous Foyer Lantern with the Latest from Savoy House!

People Who Live in Glass Houses, Should Throw their Sights on an Updated Foyer Lantern from Savoy House!

"Euclid" from Savoy House features Forged Black finishing adorned with rustic leaves.

“Euclid” from Savoy House features Forged Black finishing adorned with rustic leaves.

A wonderful way to update your home is with a decorative foyer lantern ceiling fixture.  New finishes, intricate designs and a variety of size options are available to show off your unique style and present the perfect invitation to your home.

 A properly sized and decoratively coordinated entryway foyer fixture provides an opulent and brilliant introduction with just the right lighting effects.

 Even if your home is not made of glass, fine lighting shines through more than any other home accessory or decorative feature.  An attractive foyer fixture creates a welcoming atmosphere, while emitting generous ambient light for greeting guests safely into your home.

It is important to size and install your foyer lantern properly to make the most of your lighting composition.

To determine how big your foyer lantern should be, you must know your ceiling height. The overall height of a foyer fixture should allow for a clearance of at least 7 feet from the floor.

3-6037-4-131 Paragon Foyer Lantern

“Paragon” 15” Foyer Lantern 3-6037 features Guilded Bronze with Clear Water Glass, faceted by crystal in this bejeweled collection by Brian Thomas.

In a two-story foyer, if there is a picture window above the front door, center the foyer lantern so it can be seen from outside. If the foyer is extra-large, wall sconces make a nice accompaniment to add depth and supply additional illumination.

The latest lighting trends feature oversized fixtures.  Make a grand statement with a large foyer lantern for superb upscale illumination.  Foyer lanterns from Savoy House Lighting are captivating and superbly crafted, featuring original style, timeless elegance, and designer authenticity.

With an elite team of designers, Savoy House continues to create sophisticated award-winning light fixtures. Artistic innovations include works by Karyl Pierce Paxton, Raymond Waites and Brian Thomas—artists who command attention and brilliantly define the next generation in home illumination and décor.

The design team at Savoy House has propelled home lighting and décor to new heights by creating and defining light fixture fashions and novel lighting compositions for over 46 years.

Check out the latest collections to revamp your home entryway and welcome the Summer Season.

Trends may come and go, but fine quality and classic finishes endure throughout the ages. Keep in fashion with the latest in home lighting and accessories.  Look to Savoy House when renovating or updating your home lighting design for light fixtures, lamps and decorative accessories that are steadfast, strong and enduringly beautiful.