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Sep 28, 2018

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Choose Hallway Light Fixtures That Add to Your Style

When was the last time you took a close look at your hallway? Perhaps you and your family use your hallway as a simple passage from point A to point B but have never given any thought to the importance of the hallway’s role in your home. These spaces deserve some light as well. Here’s how to amp up your home with hallway light fixtures.

Your hallway light fixtures might deserve a little more attention from you, here’s why:

      • Light the way – Light is needed in your hallway for utilitarian reasons — to help you see while you are passing through to get to your final destination in the home. Your hallway light fixtures, as a top priority, should provide enough light to get you where you need to be safe.
      • Accent the architecture – Many hallways have architectural features or archways that add to the overall aesthetic of your home’s interior. The right choice of hallway light fixtures can help draw attention to these features of your home that no one should overlook!
      • A design opportunityBring your design creativity into every inch of your home! Hallways can be a great opportunity to shed a beautiful light on an area that is often not as well thought out. This is a fun place to showcase your style and bring together every aspect of your home’s look.
    • Underestimated time spent in the hall – Homeowners often underestimate the time they spend, or their house guests spend in the hallway. Hallways, if made inviting with the right types of lighting fixtures, can be pleasant gathering places.

Ceiling Lighting for your hallway

Ceiling lighting in your hallway can add flair, light up the space and make a statement. Your choice of hallway light fixtures will also depend on the dimensions of your space. Pendant lights add drama if the ceiling is high enough to withstand a hanging light. The last thing you want is your taller family members bumping their heads in the middle of the night – so don’t go for this option unless it’s truly attainable! As a good rule of thumb, measure the length of the light fixture and your hallway floor-to-ceiling height to ensure it will actually work in your home. Typically, your pendant light should hang 8 feet above the floor. If a pendant is too long for the ceiling in your hallway, there are many flush-mounted ceiling light options to consider. Be sure to also factor in how the doors in your hallway open and how they might impact your ceiling light fixtures.

Using wall sconces in your hallway

Wall sconces are a very effective way to achieve a well-lit hallway with just the right balance of light. Choices of wall sconces are vast from the myriad of shapes and styles available. When considering wall sconces for your hallway lighting, you should be looking for wall sconces that cast light upwards toward the ceiling. The reason: uplighting opens up narrow spaces, making them ideal for most hallways. For narrow hallways that could use more balance, wall sconces that creates both up and down lighting are an excellent choice.

Adding continuity throughout your home with the right hallway lighting

Your home’s interior has an amazing mix of lighting fixtures to add just the right mix of ambiance, contrast, and flair. Why amazing lighting end at your hallway entrance? Keep the design continuity flowing throughout the entirety of your home by paying special attention to the lighting schematic in your hallway. Simple entry points and pathways may require little more than ambient hallway light fixtures. However, if the halls of your home are focal points with artwork or architectural details you want to accentuate, you may need to add more in the way of accent lighting.

Making hallways appealing with unique lighting

Transform your hallways from dark, shadowy spots to inviting, appealing areas to explore with the help of creative lighting. From track lighting that’s focused on your family photos or precious artwork to recessed lights that wash your hallway walls with light, you have many options to add your personal style to your hallway with lighting.

Getting creative with hallway light fixtures

It’s been established that your hallway lighting choices matter, for more than just a light source in the middle of the night. If you’re interested in taking your hallway lighting layout to the next level, you are not alone. Creative hallway lighting is a hot trend for those who understand the importance of a put-together home. Check out some of the hottest hallway lighting techniques and design ideas:

    • Cove Lighting – Cove lighting is a popular hallway lighting style that works well in ledges, recesses, ceiling valances, and high on walls. The technique sends the light up toward the ceiling to diffuse illumination. With cove lighting, the fixture itself is not front and center, but the dramatic wall washing effect can’t be missed.
    • Picture Lights – Whether you have pictures of the family through the years or original pieces of art to illuminate, picture lights are a perfect option for your hallway art. Using very low-watt lamps, these wall mounted light fixtures call attention to your beautiful photos and art, making your hallway a place of intrigue.
    • Floor Lamps – A new trend in hallway lighting fixtures is to add style to spacious hallways with stylish floor lamps. If your space allows for it, you can exemplify your style with any bold or novelty design floor lamp. The bolder your taste, the more dramatic the effect of these hallway lighting fixtures can bring!
  • Mini-chandeliers – Luxury isn’t just for your dining space or master bedroom. It’s time to bring the glam to your hallway! Mini chandeliers can provide an elegant, showstopping touch to your once overlooked hallway. Make a bold statement in your hallway with a classic or modern mini-chandelier.

You need hallway light fixtures to keep your internal pathways lit so your family can move about within your home. You don’t, however, have to stop at simple functionality. Your hallway is an important section of your home and is probably traveled more than you imagine. Add design flair and continuity to your interior design by factoring in your hallway lighting with the help of your friends at Capitol Lighting.

– The Capitol Lighting Team

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