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Coastal Living and Outdoor Lighting

Simple solutions and weather-proof selections to satisfy your exterior lighting needs.

Many people dream of owning a beautiful beachfront home, but in order to keep that beachfront home beautiful, it’s important to understand how coastal living can affect the appearance.

Exterior coastal lighting is a quick and easy way to highlight the natural beauty of your outdoor space, and with the right fixtures and materials, you won’t have to worry about unsightly damage or costly replacements.

Battling the Ocean Breeze

• The ocean air is full of salt that can wear down outdoor lighting. Look for exterior fixtures specifically designed for outdoor locations. Coastal lighting should be able to resist the elements including humidity.

• Look for ratings from The Underwriters Laboratory (UL). A UL Damp rating means the fixture can stand up to humidity but not necessarily “wet” conditions such as rain or snow. A UL Wet rating means the fixture will not be affected by rain, snow or the ocean breeze.

• When shopping for coastal-proof lighting, you should be familiar with the materials available:

– Brass is an excellent choice for outdoors due to its durability. While more expensive than other options, it can stand up to corrosion from coastal elements so it lasts longer and saves dollars in the long run.

– Copper is also a durable choice that survives well in coastal regions. It’s not as strong brass and it darkens over time but it’s still resistant to the elements and the patina can add a nice look to your décor scheme.

– Aluminum is one material to avoid for your coastal home. It corrodes quickly and tends to chip and oxidize over time.

– Stainless Steel can be considered but requires a good deal of maintenance. These fixtures must be cleaned frequently to prevent damage from the elements and debris.

Sea-Worthy Solutions offers a wide selection of coastal lighting solutions for your home, including designs from some of the most innovative brands in the industry.

Maxim Lighting offers innovative lighting solutions including Vivex, the new standard in outdoor lighting beauty that lasts. Vivex boasts a winning combination of intricate design capabilities, quality construction, and astonishing finishes. Unlike resin which is cast into inexpensive plaster molds, Vivex is injected under pressure into quality steel molds which produces a very hard and dense component. Vivex can be found in The Maxim Balboa Outdoor Wall Lantern in golden frost glass with copper oxide finish. This fixture is non-corrosive, UV resistant and suitable for wet locations.

Branding themselves as the makers of “responsible lighting”, WAC Lighting combines high-end designs and modern technology to yield a line of futuristic and innovative lighting systems. The company delivers products that are eco-friendly, energy-saving and built to last. The WAC Lighting Folsom Energy Smart Outdoor Wall Light Die-cast is a unique design suitable for many outdoor commercial and residential locations. The bronze finish and opal etched glass combine to form a beautiful fixture designed to withstand the elements.

Quoizel Lighting is renowned for their outdoor lighting that grows value with time instead of fading away. The brand recently launched the Stonington Collection, featuring the innovative Coastal Armour application. Coastal Armour is more durable and less prone to fading. With a core-strengthening ingredient of natural quarry stone crushed to a fine powder and then mixed with a powerful blend of latex and adhesives, Coastal Armour by Quoizel creates the next generation of products by using a material of extraordinary strength, durability and beauty. The Quoizel Stonington Outdoor Post Lamp features Coastal Armour and has been tested to withstand extreme heat and brutal cold. It is also non-corrosive and UV resistant.

Finding the right weatherproof coastal lighting is easy. Just look for durable materials and seek out innovative lighting brands to help save you time and money over the years.

PRO TIP: In coastal areas, hose down your fixtures with fresh water at least once a month to clear them of salt and debris!

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