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Jun 29, 2014

Lighting by Room

Standout Ideas for Above Garage Lighting

Stylish Outdoor Garage Lighting Ideas That Stand Out

contemporary-garage lighting from Maxim

Outdoor Garage Lighting from Maxim Lighting

Outdoor garage lighting can have a big impact on the decorative appeal of your home—especially when your garage is an integral part of your home and is front-facing. The outdoor garage light fixtures you choose should not only match and complement the style of your home; they should be sized and positioned with care.

A few simple lighting tips will help you make the most of your home’s exterior beauty in an energy-efficient, eco-friendly manner.

Top 5 Outdoor Garage Lighting Tips

  1. Be Size Wise:

•Don’t go too small. Size of fixtures should be one-quarter to one-third the height of the garage door opening when installed on either side.

5-5030-1-32 Mica od wl from Savoy House

“Mica” outdoor wall light from Savoy House

•If fixtures are to be installed over the top of the garage door, they should be centered across to spread even illumination along the entire width of the driveway. Measure both the height of the garage door and the width of your driveway to determine the size of the outdoor garage light needed. * Most fixtures will include a suggested light source and estimated beam spread to help you gage correctly.

  1. Take Quantity and Placement into Consideration:

•For a single-car garage, one outdoor garage light may be sufficient if you size up and install the lantern on the side between the house and the garage.

•Other options for a single-car garage include one or two outdoor lights across the top of the garage door, or two smaller lights on either side of the door.

•For a two-car garage, outdoor wall lights installed at each side of the door and one in the middle looks best.

bb-7 Berkeley from Arroyo Craftsman

“Berkeley” from Arroyo Craftsman

•For a three-car garage or larger, decorative outdoor garage lights centered above each garage door formulate a nice presentation—Just be sure to install lanterns high enough over the door so they will not interfere with access to your garage.

•Install floodlighting under the eaves or in a corner of your home to provide additional security lighting at the garage and/or rear home entrances.

76-685 outdoor flood light from Nuvo

Outdoor flood light from Nuvo Lighting

•It is a good idea to assess the amount of illumination you will need by evaluating your property at dusk. Stand at the end of your driveway or across the street to determine how much light you need.

•Take a photo of your garage from the end of the driveway and across the street and bring to your local lighting store for guidance in choosing the best outdoor garage lighting for your home.

  1. Know your Legal Limits: Dark Sky Laws*

•The best outdoor lighting should provide safety and security, without being overly bright and/or casting undesirable illumination onto your neighbors’ property.

•Know the outdoor lighting restrictions in your area. Contact your local zoning board and building inspector for specific laws and dark-sky* ordinances in your town.

1647bz-LED Luna from Hinkley

‘Luna” from Hinkley, LED and Dark-Sky approved

* “Dark Sky” outdoor lighting fixtures are shielded to prohibit glare and illumination being cast skyward. These fixtures are both eco-friendly and energy-saving.

The latest “Dark Sky” compliant fixtures are available at Capitol Lighting showrooms and

  1. Go for Energy-Efficiency

•Opt for LED (light emitting diode) or CFL (compact fluorescent) outdoor garage light fixtures. Not only will these light sources save on electric bills, they will save on maintenance costs, too.

OLPL7001ORB Industrial Moderne from MF

“Industrial Moderne” from Murray Feiss, Title 24 approved and Energy Smart

•Many outdoor fixtures for the home are commercial-grade and built to last for years. Some outdoor light fixtures even include a lifetime warranty.

  1. Get it Under Control

•Always include automated controls with your outdoor lighting installation. Motion sensors and heat-sensing controls provide the utmost in security; automated systems on timers provide maintenance-free and energy-efficient illumination.

Choose your outdoor garage lights carefully—not only will they provide superb security and task light, they will give your home a unique stylized finish.

88274bgbz Moda Energy Smart from Maxim

” Moda” Energy Smart outdoor wall light from Maxim Lighting

3532swae Calistoga Maxim

“Calistoga” outdoor wall light from Maxim Lighting

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53265ct Canterbury 3-light fountain from Kenroy

“Canterbury” 3-light fountain from Kenroy Home