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Go Green in 2015 with Eco-Friendly Lighting

Home Lighting Design for 2015

Go Green in 2015

Cheyenne Mountain Resort:  An ideal energy-efficient environment

“The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that widespread adoption of LED lighting by 2025 will reduce energy demands from lighting by 62 percent; eliminate 258 million metric tons of carbon emissions; reduce the amount of materials dumped into landfills; avoid the building of 133 new power plants; and save the U.S. over $280 billion.”

Top 5 LIGHT IT WISE Ways to a Bright 2015

1.  LED and OLED:  Technology will continue to power the next generation with better quality products, ingenuity and energy-efficient illumination.  Cost effective strategies and more refined color quality will make LED the go-to light source for interior home lighting and landscape lighting applications.

2. Healthful Illumination:  Beyond the aesthetic quality of light, there will be more focus on how our home lighting design makes us “feel.” The science of light and fine-tuning in-home illumination according to our individual circadian rhythms will be a prime factor in outfitting our homes with new lighting products and control systems.  This will include the use of full-spectrum light sources and mood lighting for reducing stress and promoting a productive work environment.

3.  Organic and Minimalistic Power On: Clean lines and free form lighting fixtures will continue to propel novel lighting compositions. Sustainable natural elements will capture attention and more recyclable materials such as hand-carved wood, forged steel, clear crystal and polished gemstones will be featured in new ceiling fixtures, wall lights and portable lamps.

4.  Dynamic Patterns and Rich Color: Deep and robust hues, such as indigo and dark blue, as well as animal prints will be in vogue.  Rich metal finishes–Champagne, Copper and Platinum will be prominent. Fabric patterned shades will be popular for adding high style to den and bedroom lighting and lamps.

5. Utility Programs: Sustainability and accountability are taking center stage, as Americans are looking to be on the forefront of environmental change. Utility programs and rebate offers will prompt consumers to invest in top quality lighting products including LED, CFL and eco-halogen, as well as Title-24 compliant illumination and outdoor lighting products that are dark-sky friendly.


Access Lighting-Eyes on the future

50191-wh-opl Altum LED pendant

“Altum” from Access, LED and Energy Smart pendant lighting

Thomas Lighting-Efficient and durable designs

pl922963 covington thomas

“Covington” from Thomas Lighting, ENERGY-STAR-rated outdoor lighting

Schonbek Lighting-Custom Colors for 2015

melody Swarovski flush mount

Swarovkski Crystal ELEMENTS

Kichler Lighting–Energy-Smart

45433CH selene bvl

“Selene” from Kichler Lighting, Title 24-compliant bath vanity lighting