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How-to Illuminate at Home with Chandelier and Foyer Lighting

Fun Fact: “Your lighting should always be centered over your conversation or dining area.  If not, your room will always look “off” no matter what you do.”

Over the Top Lighting Tips for Optimal Holiday Illumination

  1. PROVIDE A WARM WELCOME with a decorative hanging lantern or semi-flush fixture centered according to the front door dimensions.  Hanging fixtures should be installed so the bottom of the fixture rests 6-7 feet above ground to allow guests a safe entry into your home. Be sure fixtures are weatherproof and shielded to avoid glare.
  2. CHOOSE PERFECTLY PROPORTIONED FOYER LIGHTING.  The fixture should rest at least 7 feet above the floor, 9 feet in a larger foyer area. The width of a central foyer fixture may be calculated by adding the room’s length and width dimensions in feet, then converting this measure to inches to determine the width of your foyer fixture. The height of your foyer lighting fixture should be about 3 inches per foot of ceiling height.  In rooms with high ceilings, consider a two or three-tiered design to fill the space.
  3. MAKE THE MOST OF THE GUEST BATH/POWDER ROOM.  Try an elegant and/or whimsical mini chandelier. Minis, typically measuring 20” or less in diameter, dramatically enhance even the smallest of spaces.
  4. OPT FOR AN OUTSTANDING DINING ROOM CHANDELIER.  Ceiling hung dining fixtures should be centered, allowing a clearance of 30” from tabletop to the bottom of the fixture; and the width of the fixture should be 12” narrower than the width of the table.  The height of the fixture should measure about 3 inches per foot of ceiling height.  For example, a chandelier measuring 24” in length would be well suited for an 8-foot ceiling.
  5. ADD DECORATIVE CHANDELIER SHADES to reduce glare and create subdued ambience.  A myriad of shade options makes changing and updating the look of central ceiling fixtures easy and affordable.
  6. SELECT QUALITY CONTROLS.  Dimmers and automated timers help to reduce energy consumption and allow for selecting optimal light levels according to your needs.  Automated and heat sensitive controls also makes your home appear occupied while you are away.
  7. IDENTIFY LAMPING ALERNATIVES FOR THE MOST COMPATIBLE FIT.  Technologically advanced chandeliers and foyer lighting fixtures are designed to accommodate a variety of bulb options….

-Energy-efficient halogen bulbs provide the most luxurious illumination for over a dining table.

-LED (light emitting diode) lamps are excellent for outdoor applications, although newer dimmable LED lamps are being shown in some modern decorative fixtures.

-Purchase bulbs according to correct lumen output and base requirements.  Buy bulbs from a reputable dealer for extended lamp life and safety.

Get Your Home Holiday Ready with the Right Lighting

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