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Dining Light with Capitol Lighting

Fun Fact:  When we are calm, content and feeling good about ourselves, we are more apt to eat slowly and savor a good meal, eating less while enjoying what is before us.

Think about your favorite restaurant.  Why do you keep going back to the same place?  Is it the food?  Is it the service?  Quite possibly it is the lighting that sets your mood for enjoying the pleasures of dining out.  Dining out is certainly a treat, and if you enjoy the ambience, the food always tastes better!

No matter how good the service may be, if you are sitting in a room full of glare and cool colored light, you are apt to feel ill-at-ease.  You may overeat, because you are not fully content.  Moreover, unflattering shadows may be making you look old and tired, thus, an evening of fine dining turns into an unpleasant, self-deflating ego-bruiser.
Restaurateurs must pay close attention to the lighting they choose.  Most people would prefer to struggle with reading the menu in exchange for more flattering comfortable lighting in which to dine.

Capitol Lighting‘s certified lighting consultants can help you find the light for dining right (and light!), and our Capitol Lighting showrooms have fixtures to suit the most finicky of appetites. Shop at one of our eight Capitol Lighting showrooms to find over 10,000 different options to light your dining area or restaurant, or find a wonderful selection of pendant lights online at Join us on Facebook and Twitter too –we love hearing from our customers and fans and even well-lit diners!