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Big and Breathtaking: Large Foyer Chandeliers Elevate Style

Spectacular Introductions Begin with Spectacular Introductions!

Introducing the Latest in Large Foyer Chandeliers that’ll say “Look at Me”!

Large foyer chandeliers and pendants make a true design statement, while providing plentiful illumination for the perfect introduction to your home or commercial space.

Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Foyer Chandelier

Top 5 Tips to Bring Out the Best in Your Foyer Chandelier(s)

Whether you live in a cozy cottage or expansive mansion, fine lighting shines through more than any other home accessory or decorative piece.  A well-chosen foyer fixture creates a welcoming atmosphere, lending ambient illumination and decorative appeal to your home entryway.

1.  To achieve the desired effect, you need to size and install your foyer fixture properly.  A large foyer chandelier or decorative pendant fixture is especially enchanting if your home contains a defined foyer area with a raised ceiling or a glass picture window over the front door.

dw5015c Large Foyer Chandelier from Quoizel Lighting2.  To determine whether to use a semi-flush fixture, hanging pendant light or multi-tiered large foyer chandelier, you must know your ceiling height. The overall height of a foyer fixture should allow for a clearance of at least 7 feet from the floor.

2623-66 Large Foyer Chandelier from Dolan

3.  In a two-story foyer, if there is a window above the front door, center a larger foyer chandelier so that it may be seen from outside.

4.  If the foyer is extra-large, the addition of complementary wall sconces will supply additional illumination. Sconces should be installed 60 inches from the floor and at least 6 feet apart.

5.  Create a seamless flow by coordinating your large foyer chandelier with matching flush or semi-flush fixtures in hallways and powder rooms, or carry a unique design theme throughout by pairing an expansive foyer chandelier with a mini-chandelier in the powder room or extended archway.

Summer is Here and Corbett Lighting is Looking to Turn Up the Heat with Large Foyer Chandeliers!

140-48-Bigger Inertia

The newest Corbett model, “Inertia” is a one-of-a-kind fixture, complete with polished stainless steel prisms and crystal.

This illuminating work of art by Jeff Andrews is prominently featured in the Kardashian’s “Dash” store in Los Angeles, California.   The “Inertia” fixture is provocative and stunning; with a 48-inch frame and eight lamps, this large foyer chandelier embodies a striking and sophisticated design.

The Kardashian family chose to feature the spectacular “Inertia” from Corbett Lighting to enhance the chic feel of the store and provide an eye-catching illumination for their clientele.

Maybe you’d like to put a little star power in your home entryway with a large foyer chandelier? Luxury lights and the latest decorative foyer chandeliers await customers at Capitol Lighting.   Receive one-on-one guidance with professional lighting experts who will help you find the perfect foyer fixture for your home or commercial space.

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