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Mar 21, 2013

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Strike Up the Fans with Casablanca

Fun Fact:  “ There are no reports of a fan wobbling itself off the ceiling and falling.”* Contrary to popular belief, a fan’s wobble does not mean the fan is mounted insecurely; wobbling is the result of fan blades being out of weight-alignment with each other and imbalanced.  –

Although it may not pose a safety hazard (as long as no light kit is attached), a wobbly fan is something to avoid.   A few basic elements will ensure that your ceiling fan is equipped with top quality parts to run smoothly and grace the ceiling in style. Get the facts to find the ultimate in value and energy-saving efficiency.

Traditionalist or new wave, a fan from Casablanca is the ultimate in style, value and performance.  Classic, elegant concepts, whimsical or futuristic motifs, each Casablanca ceiling fan holds the time honored traditions of the past and innovative upgrades for the future. When you invest in a Casablanca, you invest in value.

Every fan from Casablanca embodies exquisite craftsmanship from the fine and durable finish right down to the bearings in the motor.  Invest in Casablanca; invest in value.


The Science Behind the Magic:

-Conceptualization begins with state-of-the-art Alias 3D software to construct designs that allow for subtle yet critical refinements and photorealistic renderings using rapid prototyping techniques to develop models for evaluation.

– An Engineering Department equipped with Pro Engineer software to seamlessly develop and ensure design integrity with digital precision.

-Raw materials chosen for quality, durability and beauty.  Use of virgin zinc, rather than re-melted scrap metal, creates detailed die-cast housings and blade holders that are durable and illustrious.

-Furniture-grade wood veneer blades that are durable, warp-resistant and balanced to perfection.

-Top quality light kits adorned with custom hand-blown glass.

-Finished Metal:  Fifteen plus different steps in the plating process present finishes that are meticulous applied for exceptional durability and a brilliant jewel-like finish.

-Testing and Inspection: Every detail is given meticulous attention under strict quality control standards and the final product is inspected to ensure proper form, fit and function.

Founder, Burton A. Burton entered the United States ceiling fan market in 1974 with belt-driven commercial ceiling fans.   Today, Casablanca’s legendary reputation for quality and reliability continues to grow with the finest ingredients from start to finish.

Blasts from the Past and Power to the Present with Casablanca…

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or shop online at for value and style.  Professional Lighting consultants will help you welcome the season with fan fare and fabulous prices.