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Chandeliers Designed to Work in Contemporary Spaces

The experts at the American Lighting Association have spotted the following trends in chandeliers:

Mixed Messages: Mixing of materials and styles within one fixture is now a common design trend. It is not unusual, for example, to find a rustic chandelier, cast-iron fixture with crystals hanging from it, or different metals and types of glass all incorporated into one fixture

Color Me Beautiful: While sparkling, clear crystal refracts and reflects light, designers offer chandeliers in a rainbow of shades to complement decor. Colored crystal can combine with clear to create a prism of hue. Smokey quartz, rock crystal and amethyst offer an antique feel.

Finish Line: Chandeliers no longer feature just one metal or just one finish. The latest looks offer multi-tone finishes created by painted or chemical processes.  Rustic chandeliers are a perfect example of this look, offering a wide selection of finishes and patinas to choose from.

Mod Squad: The freshest face in chandeliers is clean and simple, designed to work in more contemporary spaces. Features such as colored crystal geometric shapes; cubes, rectangles, spirals, pyramids. The colors mix together to create a light display, for a vibrant and bejeweled look.

Dim Lit: Whether they are ornate and multi-armed or simply feature a large-scale bowl, chandeliers need a dimmer so homeowners may control the intensity of light.

MATCH POINT: Do not be too matchy-matchy when it comes to design styles and interior design. A chandelier should be considered another decorative element –another accessory that enhances and pops a room.  For example, a rustic chandelier can be paired with ultra modern and sleek furniture for that extra pop and surprise.

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