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Top 10 Enchanting Chandeliers

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The year in review is crystal clear with these outstanding illuminating winners…

Check out our top 10 picks for the most enchanting crystal chandeliers of the year.  These timeless designs are destined to become heirlooms in the finest homes around the world.  More than that–the crystal chandelier has taken center stage in the modern lighting industry with LED illumination and a variety of creative interior design applications.

From master bedroom closets to kitchen island lighting, crystal chandeliers are celebrated for their sheer elegance and energizing aura.

Top 10 Most Enchanting Chandeliers


may-10075x Maya Cristalstrass

“Maya” from Cristalstrass, seven tiers of good luck!


ch8143-s-gt-08g-pi ABC

“Valencia” from American Brass and Crystal, made exclusively in America with a fantastic array of customizable finish and crystal options!


dv2424sled da vinci

“Da Vinci” from Geometrix by Schonbek, colored crystal from Schonbek continues to dazzle!


94458s22 florale james r moder

“Florale” from James R Moder, Imperial crystal blended with the whimsical beauty of nature!


1800d28c primo

“Primo” from Elegant Lighting with Swarovski crystal for the classic traditionalist!


l120.5.62.jpg original classics bardel

“Original Classics” from Bar Del International feature Swarovski Spectra crystal and colorful accents such as Grapes with Green Leaves!


850440-11 marquise fine art

“Marquise” from Fine Art Lamps, hand-cut or smooth polished–these crystal elements sparkle like diamonds!


6236-6 renaissance ELK

“Renaissance” from ELK Lighting, a Sunset Silver finish infused with polished lead crystal is magnificent!


1-8352-12-121 byanca big

“Byanca” from Savoy House, the Mohican Bronze finish draped with crystal beads makes for a breathtaking standout!


31014_6 new york trump

“New York” from Trump Home, lighting design combined with rich sophistication and the unmatched excitement of New York City!

We love them all! Which chandelier is your favorite?