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Three Steps To Perfect Landscape Lighting

1. Increase eye appeal:

  • Show off the beauty of your home after dark.
  • Highlight favorite flower beds and shrubs.
  • Dramatize trees, pools, fountains, and masonry textures.
  • Accent statuary and other focal points.
  • Illuminate your patio or deck to provide a backyard haven for nighttime relaxation and entertaining.

2. Increase security and value:

  • Good lighting on steps, walkways and driveways helps to avoid accidents.
  • Floodlighting and automatic operating devices deter prowlers and vandals.
  • Grounds which are dramatically lighted at night appear more luxurious, increasing the resale value of your property.

3. Plan the perfect landscape offensive…

  • Covert operations: conceal the light source behind shrubs, etc., where possible—except when the fixture itself is a decorative element.
  • Don’t overlight—besides creating “light pollution” too much light does not bring out the best in your landscape design.
  • Be creative and add depth with a mixture of lighting techniques.
  • Arrange for an automatic device to turn lights on and off, such as a timer or photocell.
  • Be considerate of your neighbors-aim lights so they do not shine into their windows.

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