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Mar 13, 2013

Lighting Tips

3 Bulb Breakthroughs and How They Will Change Your Life

The Latest Lamps Offer Eco-friendly and Energy-saving Illumination to Bring Out the Beauty in your Home.

 Enjoy energy-saving, decorative illumination from landscape lighting to bathroom lighting.  The most outstanding lighting upgrades include compact fluorescent (CFL), halogen and light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs with better color quality, design and dimming control.

Replacing and relamping your lighting–from outdoor post lamps to bathroom wall lights–is one of the most affordable and efficient ways to update your home lighting design…

  • Bring out the beauty in chandeliers and wall sconces with new eco-friendly halogen bulbs.
  • Update gardens and landscape lighting with long-lasting LEDs.
  • Promote safety and security with energy-efficient CFLs in bath lighting and hallway lighting fixtures.

Top 3 New Light Bulb Options

1.  Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Lamps:  Improved quality and control bring fluorescent illumination to the forefront of the energy-saving revolution.

  • New CFL bulbs provide a warmer more pleasing illumination with dim ability and a choice of sizes and shapes to easily replace outdated incandescent bulbs in most standard lamps and fixtures.
  • CFL bulbs are the most affordable energy-efficient option, although the lighting effects may be less than optimal for formal dining rooms and master bedrooms.

*Fluorescent bulbs contain a small amount of mercury and upon burn out, they should be discarded at an approved bulb-recycling center.

2.  (Incandescent) Halogen—These compact light sources are filled with halogen gas and emit the most luxuriant light.

  • Halogen lamps are best for accent lighting and to provide a more luxurious illumination in areas of the home such as bedrooms, dining rooms and master bathrooms.
  • They are excellent in track and rail lighting to highlight artwork and decorative wall textures; perfect in recessed spotlights over dining tables to accent crystal and china.

*Halogen lamps do produce a considerable amount of heat, so they may not be the best choice in kitchens or sunrooms, where you want to limit exposure to additional heat producing sources.

3. LED lamps are small, solid light bulbs, which are extremely energy-efficient and durable.

  • LED lamps use 80% less energy than standard incandescent, are shatter resistant and hold up well to jarring and bumping, and last up to 50 times longer.
  • LED cause little to no heat build up.  As 85% of incandescent light energy is in the form of heat, almost all the energy in LED bulbs is in the form of light.
  • Providing up to 100,000 hours or 25 years of illumination, the LED bulb is the best choice for landscape and outdoor lighting applications where light is required for extended periods of time.
  • For task lighting, LED desk lamps, reading lamps and mini-pendants are excellent. LEDs also provide superb undercabinet lighting.

* Although initial investment is more, switching to LED quickly pays for itself in operating savings and maintenance costs.

Top Picks include:

Satco’s S7347, a 23 watt Photocell CFL provides an Energy Star ™ rated alternative to the standard incandescent bulb.

Bulbrite’s CF11MR16-GU10 11 Watt 2700K Warm White MR 16

Philip’s Ambient LED 12.5 Watt A-Shaped dimmable lamp offers bright, long-lasting, energy-efficient illumination with superb color for a smart alternative to the standard 60-watt incandescent.

Note:  To make the most of your decorative home lighting, be sure to purchase from a reputable dealer.  Although they may look the same, cheaper bulbs may be equipped with a low-quality chip and they will die out prematurely.

Stock up and save on select bulbs.  At Capitol Lighting’s you will find over 1,000 different bulbs from your average incandescent A Lamp, to your color corrected compact fluorescent. Capitol Lighting offers the best in quality and service to satisfy all your lighting needs!