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Mar 12, 2013

Lighting Tips

Best Exterior Lighting for Home Security

Exterior Lighting & Landscape Lights for Better Home Security

Security is on the mind of the homeowner to a great extent, especially today with break-ins occurring more frequently.  A smart burglar will observe a homeowner’s habits, particularly when the exterior lights go out at night.

The proper exterior lighting and landscape lights can assist in deterring a potential threat, but the lighting design must be well-planned in order to be effective. Outdoor lighting combined with automated control systems and motion sensors provide a sense of security, especially with a home that has numerous home entry zones and extensive grounds and landscaping.

Creating a security plan for exterior lighting is not difficult, but should be thoughtfully designed to avoid blind spots. Motion sensor spotlights may be mounted anywhere–on the house, on posts, in trees, or other structures surrounding the home. Landscape lights may be paired with motion sensors, as well.

Capitol Lighting offers a great selection of landscape lights and outdoor lighting, as well asa automated lighting controls to help you make your home more secure.