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Mar 12, 2013

Lighting Tips

Dark Sky Fixtures and Green Outdoor Lights

Switch your Outdoor Fixtures to Dark Sky Fixtures and Help the Environment today!

It used to be that the moon and the stars were the brightest bulbs in the sky. But as anyone who’s flown across a city at night lately knows–there’s an awful lot of light coming up from the ground.  Many people assume that an orange nighttime sky is just ugly, not harmful. But recently scientific studies have suggested that light pollution is more than an annoyance; it’s destroying wildlife, damaging human health and costing us a lot of extra money. That’s why a growing number of cities and towns across the United States are drafting ordinances to try to bring the night sky back with dark sky fixtures and green outdoor lights for home residences.

Also known as the Dark Sky Movement, this initiative can help homeowners save money on electricity and requires that no outdoor fixtures shine any light above a horizontal line. Capitol Lighting has a wide selection of dark sky fixtures and green outdoor lights for your home.  Save money and the environment when you update your outdoor lights with green outdoor fixtures! From contemporary-modern to rustic or tropical designs, Capitol Lighting can help you join the Dark Sky Movement with the most stylish and energy-efficient dark sky fixtures.