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Jun 19, 2013

Lighting Tips

Change is Good with LED

A Smart Home Renovation Begins with LED Lighting

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Question:  How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer:  Only one…but the light bulb has to really WANT to change.

Maybe you’ve heard this joke before.  And, maybe you are tired of hearing light bulb jokes in general.  But, like it or not—Change is inevitable and the LED light bulb is leading the way.

Nearly a day goes by that we do not hear about light emitting diodes (LEDs) and the changes taking place in the lighting industry.

And, for good reason.  LED is changing the way we see the light.  The latest ceiling pendants, mini chandeliers, task lamps and outdoor light fixtures are accepting these new bulbs with tremendous gusto.  The lighting effects are becoming more versatile and redefining our vision of elegance.  The price of LED lamps is even coming down.

As LED light fixtures become more affordable and user-friendly, the choice of which bulb to use in your next lighting design will be clear…or frosted or soft white or blue…but it will be LED!81060_1-Brentford Energy Smart LED Flush Mount New from ELK

Top 5 Reasons to Make a Change with LED

1.  LEDs lasts up to 50 times longer and use 80% less energy than old standard incandescent light bulbs.

2.  LEDs burn out slowly over time, so the dreaded pop and bulb blow out will be a blast from the past–something to tell your grandchildren about!

3.  LEDs radiate little to no heat and they hold up extremely well in harsh winter weather conditions.

4.  LEDs are eco-friendly; they do not contain toxic gas or emit harmful IR/UV radiation.

5.  LEDs are also referred to as “solid-state” lighting  (SSL) because they use semiconductors and are solid light sources; they are shatter-resistant and durable.

Embrace change. Learn the facts and put LED to work in your home or office environment.

√ Buy from a reputable dealer.  All LED bulbs are not created equal.  Through a process of “binning,” LED chips are sorted according to the quality and degree of luminescence.  Cheaper LED bulbs may be equipped with a lower quality chip that will not provide the brightest light and may burn out prematurely.

√ Look for Energy Star®-ratings to find LEDs of the highest quality.

Some of the latest LED innovations include designer mini pendants and ceiling fixtures from ELK Lighting.10240_1aq Cassandra LED mini pendant from ELK

81053_4-ELK 4 light LED Island Light