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Aug 20, 2014

Lighting Tips

Eurofase is Changing Elevations and Making A Fantastic Play of Light

Have you met Bloor, Spadina, Finch and Dundas?

Watch cascading spiral turns and vibrant emanations through a glass curved body bending and zig-zagging in a brilliant display of illumination.  New “convertible” pendant light fixtures from Eurofase Lighting are turning heads and making a grand debut with the introduction of Bloor, Spadina, Finch and Dundas.

All four fixtures may be easily converted from pendants to flush mount fixtures right out of the box! Dazzling lighting designs create a fantastic play of shadow and light as the fixture body diffuses the light, turning straight solid edges into an illuminating serpentine pattern.

These four superstars are rising up with amazing agility!

26251-011 Bloor mini pendant from Eurofase

“Bloor” features Rippled Hand-blown Clear Press glass with Chrome accents in a robust bell-shaped pendant design.

26253-015 spadina eurofase

“Spadina” features Rippled Hand-blown Clear Press glass with handsomely defined swirling scales in a modern-contemporary orb shape.

26254-012 Finch mp eurofase

“Finch” is defined with Rippled Hand-blown Clear Press glass and Chrome accents in a brilliantly scalloped combination of shell-like symmetry.

26255-019 Dundas eurofase

“Dundas” presents a unison of floral-like blossoms in Rippled Hand-blown Clear Press glass with Chrome accents.

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