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Mar 20, 2013

Lighting Tips

Pursue Happiness with Light, Liberty and Energy Smart Design!

American Dreaming Becomes Reality with Capitol Lighting
LIGHT, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Fun Facts: The holiday known as “Constitution Day and Citizenship Day” is observed every year on September 17th to celebrate new citizens of the United States and commemorate the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, which was signed on September 17, 1787.
In 2004 it was mandated that educators in publicly funded institutions teach about the history of the American Constitution on September 17th or on the school day that falls closest to September 17th.  This year, observances will be held in public schools on Friday September 16th.  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Great home lighting is so important to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it should be mandated!

Bring out the constitution in your house with top quality decorative lighting. Put your trust in the lighting experts at Capitol Lighting, and your American dream home will come to light.  With premier service and selection, Capitol Lighting is the place to find the most up-to-date home lighting strategies and applications, including expert foyer fixture installations.

Our three-step guide will help you custom-design a beautiful home entry zone with just the right illumination.

Expert Foyer Fixture Installation:

  • Artistically designed foyer fixtures create a welcoming atmosphere, while providing general lighting for greeting guests safely into your home. A properly placed foyer fixture is especially enchanting, if your home contains a glass picture window over the front door.  Note:  Be sure to size and install foyer fixtures properly. To determine whether to use a flush, semi-flush, or multi-tiered chandelier, you must know your ceiling height. The overall height of foyer fixtures should allow for a clearance of at least 7 feet from the floor.  In a two-story foyer, if there is a window above the front door, center the chandelier so it can be seen from outside.
  • In an extra-large entry foyer, coordinating wall sconces will beautifully supply additional illumination. Sconces should be installed 60″ from the floor and 6 – 8 feet apart.
  • Foyer lanterns are perfectly suited for smaller entryways and high ceiling stairways.  They work especially well in stairwells because the fixture’s vertical elongated shape provides a proportionally balanced presentation in the standard tall, narrow shape of a stairwell.

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom for more excellent lighting ideas and view the latest collections from the world’s most distinguished vendors. Enjoy promotional pricing on select merchandise, including these unique finds from Savoy House:

  • The “Liberty” collection, traditional bath lighting, chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, pendants and foyer lanterns featuring walnut patina finishes and clear beveled glass.
  • The “Spirit” collection featuring traditional pewter finishes and clear beveled glass.
  • The “Boutique” collection of pendants, chandeliers, and sconces in a gorgeous Argentum finish gracefully adorned with clear gems and crystals.
  • The “Classic Schoolhouse” collection, mini pendants and semi-flush fixtures in old bronze with pale cream glass or pewter with opal etched glass.

For over 35 years, Troy Lee and his crew at Savoy House have been providing design inspiration to the most discriminating designers and homeowners throughout the nation. A breathtaking array of thrilling new finishes, styles, and accent pieces masterfully brought to life by skilled artisans, awards freedom to create a unique vision at home.

“A retail icon for over eight decades, Capitol Lighting is the choice of purveyors of fine lighting. Committed to bringing their clientele the best the world offers in fine decorative lighting, Capitol’s superb management and sales staff does it like no else can do it. Come and experience the reason we at Savoy House Lighting are proud to proclaim Capitol Lighting as our home.” — Troy Lee – Chairman & President, Savoy House.

When Your House Calls, Capitol Lighting listens! From our House to your house, Capitol Lighting delivers the light.

Make Savoy House Part of Your Constitution with Energy Smart Illumination
Capitol Lighting makes it Easy to be an Energy Smart American
Smart Citizens Include Energy Smart Designs

Energy Smart concepts in home lighting make for a brighter future for America.  Join Capitol Lighting’s efforts to keep America moving forward, planning wisely for future generations, and illuminating the world with thoughtfulness and in good taste.

Top 5 Reasons to Become an Energy Smart American:

  1. An Easy Exchange:  Switching from incandescent bulbs to LED and compact fluorescents (CFL) is easy, as the latest LED and CFL options are retrofit fixtures or lamps designed to make them compatible without a change in electrical installation.
  2. Long-term Benefits:  Energy-efficient fluorescents use one-fifth to one-third the electricity of a comparably bright incandescent bulb and last 10-20 times longer. While incandescent bulbs are inexpensive to buy, they consume more energy than any other type of bulb and have a relatively short life.
  3. Better Quality of Light:  Fluorescent lighting is now available in over 200 colors, ranging from warm white tones resembling incandescent light to cool white tones similar to daylight. CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs are especially fitting to illuminate closets, workrooms, home offices, children’s rooms, security areas, as well as kitchens and bathrooms.
  4. Great Cost-Savings:  Total savings depend on long-term usage. If you operate a security light from dusk to dawn or 4,000 hours/year and replace the 100-watt incandescent light bulb with a 32-watt compact fluorescent lamp, the savings is about $26/year per fixture.
  5. Low Maintenance Perks:  If you operate a 100-watt incandescent bulb 12 hours/day, on average, that bulb will have to be replaced six times/year.  Fluorescents usually last 2.5 years, so you may enjoy a reduction in maintenance requirements especially where re-lamping involves hard-to-reach places.
  6. From semi flush light fixtures to outdoor fixtures, Capitol Lighting offers an outstanding selection of decorative home lighting that meets government standards for energy-efficiency and excellence. Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom for innovative ideas and Energy Smart applications to beautify your home and promote a more efficient America.

You’ll never sacrifice style and artistry with these energy-saving innovations from Savoy House:

  • The “Radcliff” Energy Smart collection, outdoor fixtures featuring bronze finishes and Pompeii glass. *
  • The “Realto” and “Monticello” Energy Smart collections, traditional outdoor  fixtures excellence in walnut patina finishes with Tuscan glass. *
  • The “Spaniard” Energy Smart collection, Mediterranean style in new tortoise shell with gold finishes and umber glass. *

*Energy saving CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs and uniquely crafted opaque glass are included with these fixtures to provide a pleasingly soft illumination.  NOTE:  If you use compact fluorescent bulbs on an incandescent fixture, the spiral glass of the bulb will be in plain sight if the glass of the fixture is clear.

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or call for even more ways to celebrate Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.  Just in time for CitiZENship Day, these new arrivals from Savoy House will bring out the ZEN in your home:

  • The “Ravenna “collection, craftsman-mission chandeliers, mini-pendants, bath lights in oiled copper finishes and cream textured glass.
  • The “Highcroft” collection, transitional chandeliers, sconces, island lights, and pendants showcasing clean elegance in Argentum finishes with white pleat shades.
  • The “Varna,” cleanly crafted, substantial wall sconces, chandeliers and ceiling fixtures featuring a magnificent gold dust finish and tailored off-white shades.
  • The “Mirabel “collection, modern contemporary chandeliers, pendants and sconces with subtly brilliant Argentum finishes and off-white shades.
  • The “Rosendal” collection, whimsical bath lighting, island lights, chandeliers, pendants and sconces adorned in silver sparkle finishes, silver fabric shades and dangling glass spheres.