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Mar 12, 2013

Lighting Tips

Go Green with Green-Living Lighting from Capitol

Our favorite color? GREEN! Here are some tips to stay in style while saving the planet!

Go green with Green-Living green lighting from Capitol Lighting.  Energy Star lights offer smart energy savings.  You can upgrade your existing lighting by purchasing energy efficiency lighting for your home.

Another way to go green is with the use of energy efficient light bulbs.  Switching from incandescent light bulbs to LED or compact fluorescent light bulbs will save on energy costs and long-term they will pay for themselves in about six months, too!

A simple way to save big outside is with the use of outdoor energy efficient lighting that offers built in photocells. These photocell energy star lighting designs will automatically turn on at sundown and off during sunrise.

Energy efficient lighting accompanies the latest ceiling fans, too! Enjoy the comfort of great illumination and superb air circulation, providing cooler effects during the Summer and warming effects during the Winter months!  Save even more on energy costs by purchasing energy star lighting for your home. Check out the huge selection of green lighting at Capitol Lighting and make GREEN your favorite color too!