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Mar 20, 2013

Lighting Tips

Go For Peak Performance with Task Lights from WAC Lighting

WAC Lighting:  Illuminating Your Home for Peak Performance

Fun fact:  According to recent findings, the seven dwarfs were correct:  Whistling while you work may increase your performance and help shield your brain from “choking” during pivotal moments on the job.  “A leading psychologist claims whistling or singing helps distract the mind from trying too hard and prevents mental overload.” *

Need more reason to whistle while you work?  Healthful illumination and affordable lighting solutions are within your reach. Update your home and work environment with superb lighting design from WAC Lighting.

Why WAC Lighting?

  • Top quality design, technical innovation and advancements in light sources, materials, engineering, electronics and architecture.
  • Premier task lighting ingenuity.
  • Unprecedented shipping record and superior level of customer service.
  • Award winning GREEN energy saving strategies.
  • Over 25 years of award-winning service and design development, including Interior Design, Women Achievement and Humanitarian awards.

Enjoy Capitol Lighting’s specials and experience the latest innovations from WAC…

Peak Performance Track LIGHT and Tape Light Systems:

  • LEDme™ Track Luminaire “Impulse,” offering two technologies with one comprehensive design, an integrated multi-chip 12-watt LED or low voltage MR16 lamp. Robustly engineered from solid die-cast aluminum with thermally efficient Energy Star™compliant architectural lighting options including a framing projector and barn door louver.
  • INVISILED Daylight to Sunset -24voltA color changing tape light that alters the environment of an interior  space with the push of a button to see light from cool white to warm amber, mimicking the sun’s gentle passage through the sky, with adjustable brightness and speed controls.


  • New LEDme™ Downlights utilize energy-efficient LED technology and are engineered for precise thermal and optical performance with a clean architectural design; the new trims are ideal for both upscale residential and commercial applications.

BEAUTIFYING Mini Pendants:

  • “Fiore,” Millfiore glass shades are the result of Italian artisans fusing and stretching handmade Murine glass rods into floral patterned slices applied onto molten glass and mouth blown to form an intricate montage of colors and patterns. Integrated with LED and low voltage sources. Available in a myriad of finishes and colors.

Since 1984, WAC Lighting has created “design excellence in lighting” by integrating state-of-the-art technology with world-class lighting designs.

WAC Lighting has transformed its strong family values into successful business values while promoting the highest standards for sustainable lighting and professional development.

Capitol Lighting presents the latest from WAC Lighting.  Visit with one of Capitol’s professional lighting consultants or shop to illuminate an environment that works for you.