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May 12, 2013

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Inspiration for a Brighter Mother’s Day

A large percentage of mothers in the United States expect nothing and get nothing for Mother’s Day.  We can do better!

According to a 2012 Mother’s Day survey of 2,123 U.S. mothers with children under the age of 18:

21.3 %  of mothers expected nothing for Mother’s day and 23.6% actually got nothing for Mother’s Day!*

LET’S DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!  What better time to start, than Mother’s Day?

Expect more.  Work for more.  Believe in more and make it so…

White Ceramic Planter 38083 from Chelsea House

White Ceramic Planter 38083 from Chelsea House

There is a “big gap” between what we wish for and what we expect from the world.  “The tragedy is that we want a better world, but do not really expect it.  Precisely because we don’t expect it, we will never get the world we want.”--Rabbi Jehiel Orenstein

The late Rabbi Jehiel Orenstein urged us to work harder to close the gap between what we want and what we expect:  “Expect a better world.  Work for it…all great achievements begin with a deep faith in their possibility…Tell a child you have faith in the child, and that child blossoms.”

"Reaching for the Stars" 02609 from Cyan Design

“Reaching for the Stars” 02609 artistic accent from Cyan Design

23.6% of mothers surveyed got nothing last year–no card, no flowers, no hand-made gifts–for Mother’s Day.*

 WE CAN DO BETTER!!  Give Mom What She Really Wants This Year…


Maybe, give her some time to herself and a comfortable spot to relax and make her own.

Miss I Candy occassional chair from Cyan Design

“Miss I Candy” Occassional Chair from Cyan Design

It is not too late;  She may expect nothing, but give mom more than she expects and create a better reality today, tomorrow and in the years to come.

Great Mother’s Day gift ideas from Capitol Lighting and…

Prestige Frame from Eurofase Lighting

“Prestige” Frame from Eurofase Lighting

Belden Reading Lamp by Arteriors, Fashion forward with oversized drum shade

“Belden” Reading Lamp from Arteriors Home

Bacchus Wine Rack from Van Teal

“Bacchus” Wine Rack from Van Teal


A NOTE FROM YOUR RABBI, please inquire if you would like to see the entire address from Rabbi Orenstein to Congregation Beth El Sabbath Services, May 7, 1976.