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Mar 12, 2013

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Guest Blogger Spotlight: How Color Light Affects the Psyche

Capitol Lighting proudly introduces our new Capitol Guest Blogger Project. Through collaboration with real Industry Professionals, we will bring you the most up-to-date industry content and news, as well as personal accounts and design stories told by the featured experts themselves. We hope you enjoy!

This Week’s Guest Blogger:
Name: Angela Colley
Company: A C Styles Designs, LLC.
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How Color Light Affects the Psyche

Finishing design projects are very rewarding, especially when you are challenged with a design that is specific and must meet certain criteria. Lighting design is often taken for granted. Yes, we need light to see in dark spaces, plus task lighting and accent lighting. How about using light with color to address the psyche? I had the pleasure to design a home yoga studio where my client wanted the space to incorporate as much of the yoga elements as possible. Using color lighting was one major element we had to include in the design.

In yoga, there are seven major chakras or energy centers of the body. Each chakra is associated with a location on the body and with a color. As a yoga instructor, the presence of these colors in her studio was very important. Here’s how the seven chakras relate to color and the human psychological health: (1) red – the base of our spine, (2) orange – the lower abdomen, (3) yellow – below the ribs, (4) green – the heart, (5) blue – the throat, (6) indigo – the center of the forehead, often called the third eye, and (7) violet – the crown, top of the head. As she conducts her class, the overhead lighting gradually changes color to create a calming atmosphere to energize each chakra.

In addition to the overhead lighting, custom wall sconces were also incorporated in her studio. Made from brushed aluminum, with laser cutouts of the Om symbol and hammered impressions of the chakra symbols, the lighting is operated on a dimmer switch. The dimmer switch allows my client to adjust the intensity of the light to change the yoga studio’s ambience when required.

Yes there is more to lighting! More importantly, listening to your client and doing the research will make any project rewarding and educational for all involved.

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