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Mar 20, 2013

Lighting Tips

Up, Up and Amazing! A Chandelier Buyer’s Guide

Up, Up and Amazing!  Chandeliers—To the Dining Room and Beyond!

Fun Fact: His obsession with a chandelier led Italian astronomer, mathematician and physicist, Galileo to discover the law of pendulum motion.

While, we cannot guarantee that you will understand the laws of physics, we can guarantee that you will be captivated by the brilliance of a chandelier.

More than ever, we are experimenting with home lighting design to display our individuality, and nothing conveys unique style more than a fabulous chandelier.

Professional lighting consultants at Capitol Lighting can help you to illuminate your sense of style and find the perfect chandelier(s) to complete your decorative interior design.  A few simple laws of lighting and trusting your own good taste will get you there…

Chandelier Application and Design Tips from Capitol Lighting

Outstanding Applications:  From powder rooms to dining rooms, the chandelier enhances the appeal of your home environment. Chosen above all else for their aesthetic rewards, chandeliers also provide needed general ambient illumination.

Power in Proportion: To enjoy the full benefits of a chandelier, you must choose a fixture that is the correct size.  A chandelier that is too big will overpower; one that is too small will look out of place.  Finding the right chandelier size is easy:  Add the length and width of the room in feet, and then convert that number to inches (i.e. a room that is 12 feet by 16 feet would require a chandelier that is approximately 28 inches wide). When in doubt between available chandelier sizes, size up to achieve a more balanced presentation.

Special Considerations for Over Dining Tables:  When hanging a chandelier over a dining table, the total chandelier width should be about a foot smaller than the table width to allow approximately a 6-inch clearance for those seated around the table.

The Long and Short of It:  Over a dining table, the bottom of the chandelier should hang about 30 inches over the tabletop. The height of the fixture should measure about three inches for each foot of ceiling height, so for standard 8 foot ceilings choose a chandelier with an approximate height of 24 inches.

In a one-story foyer or in rooms with standard 8-foot ceilings, a chandelier should hang no less than 7 feet from the floor.  In a two-story foyer or in rooms with higher ceilings, the chandelier should hang approximately 8-10 feet from the floor. If your foyer fixture is to be viewed through a picture window, select a chandelier that will fill this space and center the fixture accordingly.  Note:  A two or three-tiered chandelier works best for rooms with higher ceilings.

Installation Awareness:  Be sure to employ a qualified electrician and follow National Electrical codes when installing fixtures.  It is especially important to consider the proper mounting procedures for hanging a heavier chandelier.  Usually fixtures weighing 50 pounds or more must be secured to the home’s permanent structure.

Maintaining the Glamour:  Keeping your chandelier in pristine condition requires proper cleaning and attention to specific instructions pertaining to certain finishes.  Generally, crystal and glass elements are kept clean with a basic soap and water combination.  Nonabrasive cleansers for most finishes are required.  Drying fixture components completely will help protect their luster.

Best Accessories:  Ceiling medallions, chandelier shades, decorative chain and cord covers may add to the ambience of the chandelier.  These items may be special ordered to give your chandelier a unique flair.

Imperative Additions:  Be sure to use the correct bulbs for your chandelier.  Where you have a choice between frosted or clear, choose the bulb that goes best with the fixtures finish.  Always employ dimmer controls with your chandelier.

Get High and Mighty with a Mini: The mini chandelier has become an increasingly popular lighting fixture around the home due to the versatility of its small size. Many designers are opting for mini chandeliers, rather than pendant or island lights, over long dining room tables and kitchen islands. Mini chandeliers are also gracing powder rooms and master bathrooms, as well as bedside tables.

Accent the Positive:  Although the chandelier should be the main lighting attraction, low-voltage spot lights, a matching torchiere floor lamp, +/or coordinating wall sconces make great designing additions to supplement lighting needs and complete the room’s décor.

The lighting experts at Capitol guarantee that you will captivate guests and enjoy your home to the fullest with the most illuminating fashions in home lighting and accessories.  Capitol Lighting’s lighting consultants can help you find the perfect chandelier for your home and give you tips on hanging a chandelier.

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