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Dec 16, 2013

Lighting Tips

Holiday Lights: Keep your Celebration in the Safety Zone

Be Bright…Do your Research and Know Who’s Coming to the Party

107256 Santa Accent Light from Meyda

Holiday season takes on a life of its’ own and we are in the thick of it.  One more gift to buy, one more light to shine, one more guest to add to the table…   Take precautions to make sure you know just who and what you are inviting into your home.

ta100860 Dale Tiffany Happy Santa Accent Lamp

Illuminate your home to the fullest, but know your lighting facts and be safe.  Check all lighting products for safety and buy all lights and electrical supplies from a reputable dealer.

12413 Meyda Christmas Tree

Look for lighting showrooms that are backed by the American Lighting Association (ALA).  Check for a certified UL-Mark on all lighting products.

Decorative strings of holiday lights, Christmas Lights and novelty lamps from Bulbrite are of the best quality… led_xmas_c6mc from Bulbrite

Get to know your lamps and lighting for a Safely Illuminated Holiday Season.

The UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Mark on your products means:

1.  The item has been evaluated and tested by certified-UL engineers to meet all UL safety requirements.

2.  The product is ensured against the risk of fire and electric shock as long as all safety instructions are followed according to the package directions and proper usage.

3.  UL’s green holographic label indicates that a product is for indoor-use only.

4.  UL’s red holographic label indicates that the product may be used indoors or outdoors.

5.  UL evaluates decorative lighting strings in accordance with the requirements described in the UL/ANSI 588, the standard for Safety of Seasonal and Holiday Decorative Lighting.

The Wonderland of Christmas pier lamp from Meyda Lighting is UL-approved for both indoor and outdoor usage.

122665 Indoor:Outdoor Christmans lamp from Meyda

The ANSI designation indicates that the American National Standards Institute approves the UL Standard as the American National Standard.

“The UL Mark is one of the most widely recognized and trusted symbols of safety among consumers globally, giving UL certified products the surest path to market acceptance.” *
Steer clear of counterfeiters—Be sure to look for a reputable certification mark on the box and on the product. pages/offerings/services/programs/ anticounterfeitingoperations/fake/

Keep your invitations generously flowing, and consider adding these newcomers to your holiday table:

70015-22 Renaissance tl from Schonbek

Elegant crystal table lamps from Schonbek are enchanting.

k0312_rondelle_1249_23ol accent lamp from Schonbek

Accent lamps in crystal from Schonbek bring exquisite colors and sparkling brilliance to the table.

Find the best light fixtures and lamps for your holiday celebration at Capitol Lighting showrooms or visit, an ALA member showroom and company.  Lighting showrooms that are affiliates of the American Lighting Association (ALA) will only carry lighting products that have been tested for safety and are certified with the UL-Mark.

tal100855 New Accent Lamp from Dale Tiffany