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Mar 12, 2013

Lighting Tips

How-to Customize a Glare-free, Flattering Lighting Design

Follow our Top 4 Lighting Design Tips to customize a glare-free and flattering illumination throughout your commercial or residential space.

Light placement in most rooms is an afterthought. This, unfortunately, can create glare and a poorly lit space. Capitol Lighting experts share four simple yet effective lighting tips on how-to create a glare-free and well lit home:

Top 4 Flattering Lighting Design Tips

1. Avoid placing ceiling lights directly over chairs and seating areas, as the beams from above will cast unpleasant shadows on people’s faces.
2. Ceiling lighting with narrow to medium beam spreads should be evenly spaced and angled to provide shadow-free illumination.
3. At sideboards, work areas or serving stations, plentiful shadow free light may be achieved with strategically positioned wall sconces or mini-pendants.
4. Lighting controls conserve energy and will allow for easily adjusting lighting levels to blend with the amount of natural light from daytime to evening.
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Visit our Capitol Lighting experts to find out how to get glare-free, flattering illumination throughout your home!