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Dec 3, 2014

Lighting Tips

How-to Update your Home with Accent Lamps

Smart and subtle, accent lamps make a huge difference in the quality of light and may greatly enhance your home’s decor.  
See our top 3 ways to update your home with new accent lamps….

Top 3 Ways to Highlight your Home with Accent Lamps

1.  Add an accent lamp to your dining room console.  Find an accent lamp that is slender enough for your console table.  Locate outlets behind consoles to keep cords hidden from view.  A single lamp works well for a smaller service area.   Consider a pair of accent lamps for an extra long dining buffet/console table.

68293 Brittany Chelsea House

“Brittany” from Chelsea House

2.  Dress up a vacant corner and extend your room’s design with an accent lamp on a pedestal.  An accent lamp atop a tall pedestal should stand between 5-6 feet above the floor.

To find the correct height for an accent table lamp by a reading chair:  While you are seated, estimate the height from tabletop to your eye-level.  Choose an accent lamp with a light source at that height.

masterpiece pedestal Butler

“Masterpiece” from Butler Specialty

3.  Decorate your patio with a few accent lamps.  Be sure lamps are UL-listed for damp locations when looking for patio accent lamps.

32143ORB Brent Kenroy Home

“Brent” from Kenroy Home, suitable for damp locations

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