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Apr 11, 2014

Lighting Tips

How to Install Mini Pendant Lights

Mini pendants are usually hung directly from a fixture mounted on the ceiling or on a track lighting system. Track lighting would require only one fixture to hang an array of ceiling pendants, leaving option for duo rails which will allow for spotlights and pendants. On the other hand, mounting mini pendants directly from the ceiling may have a cleaner look.

Mini pendant light fixtures can be installed as a single light or as a set of lights, depending on the size of the room. For example, a typical kitchen bar or island would have a set of three mini pendants. One thing you need to remember when purchasing mini pendants for track lighting is that not all mini pendant light fixtures can fit onto every kind of track, so you need to double check and make sure that the mini pendants you choose are compatible with the track that you will be using.

If the mini pendants will be hung directly above a surface, the fixtures the distance between the base of the pendant and the surface should be about 28 to 34 inches. In some instances, the mini pendants are hung in spaces where people walk around. The fixtures should then be mounted in such a way that the lighting does not interfere with the traffic around the room to avoid guests accidently bumping into them.

You don’t need to hire an expert to install your mini pendant lighting. If there is no existing fixture with an electrical box to attach the mini pendants to, you will have to install one before mounting the pendant lights. Here are the basic steps in installing a mini ceiling pendant:

Safety First – Turn Off the Power

Step #1:

Look for the circuit breaker for the electrical conduit box where the mini pendants will be installed and switch this off.

Step #2:

Place a strip of tape over the breaker so that no one would accidentally switch it on while the pendant fixtures are being installed.

Step #3:

Remove the existing light fixture using a screwdriver.

Steps in Installing the Mini Pendants

Step #4:

Uncoil the wires and match them up with their corresponding wires in the junction box where the light will be installed. Match them according to their colors – black with black, white with white, and copper ground with ground. Twist the identical wire ends together and cover the exposed wire terminals using wire caps.

Step #5:

Adjust the height of the mini pendant lights. You may need someone to help you assess the ideal height will you’re doing this.

Step #6:

Secure the fixture by turning the nut at the bottom of the base. This will ensure that the cord will not drop down after it is mounted.

Step #7:

With a screwdriver, secure the base of the mini pendant to the conduit box.

Step #8:

Take off the tape from the breaker then turn the electricity back on. Switch on your newly installed mini pendants and enjoy your lighting.