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Jun 15, 2014

Lighting Tips

How to Install a Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light

If you want to have an elaborate lighting fixture in your home, such as a chandelier, but your ceiling is quite low, don’t fret. Installing a semi-flush mount ceiling light will give your room the elegance and sophistication of a chandelier but with a length that is more proportionate to your ceiling height. Here are the steps in installing a semi-flush ceiling light.

Step #1:

Turn off the power to the ceiling light circuit by switching off the corresponding breaker. Ensure that the electricity has indeed been disconnected by using a non-contact voltage tester to check the circuit. Hold the tester against the ceiling light wall switch and also next to the base of the current fixture. If the tester does not beep or flash, then you are ready to start this project.

Step #2:

Take off the glass shade from your old ceiling light fixture. You may need to remove the finial from the bottom of the shade, loosen the thumb screws from the side of the shade, or turn the shade counterclockwise.

Step #3:

Remove the light bulbs from the sockets to show the mounting screws in the base. Then take off the screws from the base to lower the light fixture from the ceiling, exposing the electrical wiring connections.

Step #4:

Untwist the plastic connectors from the wires to disconnect them from the light fixture. Then carefully pull the wires apart to release the fixture.

Step #5:

Remove the screws that connect the metal mounting strap onto the electrical box in the ceiling. The strap extends across the box and secures the light fixture onto the box and ceiling.

Step #6:

Using the screws from the original strap, secure the mounting strap onto the electrical box. Manufacturers create a variety of mounting straps. Some of these are universal in design while others are made particularly for specific fixtures. When installing the strap, make sure that the wires from the ceiling electrical box thread through the center hole of the strap.

Step #7:

Assemble your semi-flush ceiling light according to the manufacturer’s directions. Each design is different, but has a fixed extension from the base of the light. Your light may come preassembled or need more extensive assembly.

Step #8:

Connect the black wire from the semi-flush fixture with the black wire from the ceiling box, then twist a plastic wire connector onto the black wires. Repeat this process for the white wires. Push the plastic connectors through the strap then into the ceiling box.

Step #9:

Wrap the ceiling box copper wire and the semi-flush mount copper wire around the green screw on the metal mounting strap then tighten the screw.

Step #10:

Hold the semi-flush mount fixture against the ceiling box. Use the mounting screws provided with the fixture to attach the base of the semi-flush light onto the metal mounting strap.

Step #11:

Attach the light bulbs into the sockets. Connect the glass shade to the semi-flush light. Turn the power back on and enjoy your newly installed lighting!