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Mar 12, 2013

Lighting Tips

Light Bulbs 101 Part 2

In part 1 we went over the different types of bulbs and the rooms in which they’re best suited. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend you do so. Go ahead. I’ll wait……Ok. Ready? Part two will cover light bulb lingo and hopefully shed some light (get it?) on some confusing terms you may have heard.

·         Wattage—The amount of electricity consumed by a bulb.

·         Lumens—The amount of light that a bulb produces.

·         Foot-candles—The amount of light reaching an object.

·         Efficacy—A measure of efficiency, expressed in lumens per watt denoting the power needed to produce the desired effect.

·         Color Rendering—a measure of the degree to which a light source shows the true colors of that which is illuminated.  It is expressed by the Color Rendering Index (CRI) and measured from 0 to 100.  The higher the CRI, the more flattering the illumination.

·         Color Temperature—A measure of the color of light from a light source, expressed in degrees Kelvin (K).  The lower the color temperature, the warmer the lighting color appears.

·         Lamp Life—The time period in which half of the bulbs installed for a specific application will burn out.  Lamp life is measured in hours.

So there you have it. You’ve passed light bulbs 101! The next step is to put your newfound knowledge into practice at a Capitol Lighting showroom. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to keep checking back for more helpful tips and tricks.

See you soon!